Loving or Lying

A girl. Broken from the outside in. The world around her, confusing and large, yet suffocating and small.

A boy. With no meaning in life. And so close to giving up, due to one situation after another, always so disappointing to his eyes.

What will happen to these two broken people.
And can two halves make a whole?


10. Chapter 10

*Simons POV*

I wasn't lying, I didn't follow her. If anything she followed me. I arrived at her work before her and also got here before her as well. She was just, interesting.  It's the way she didn't tell me not to jump. She just said, what are you doing. Not like she didn't know, or in a DON'T DO IT kind of way. Just like she was curious.

Like I was about her.

She didn't try not pry into my life and find everything out. If anything she was quite shy and sort of self- enclosed within herself as if, she, was the one hiding something.

I wanted to find out more.

"Wanna go to a Starbucks?" I asked her, not knowing why and instantly regretting asking.

"Ummm, sure?" She replied, seeming slightly un settled by this request.

Why did I ask her that. This ment I had to actually talk to her and I hate talking to people. 

As we walked she kept glancing at me, not looking worried, just looking... Beautiful. I had never looked at her like that before but something about her had changed. Maybie it was the way her smile lit up her whole face.

Be were almost there so I decided to make some small talk.

"What do you want" I asked her, thinking it may provide some insight into her character.

"A Java chip frap with two pumps of toffee nut syrup, caramel and mocha drizzle on top." She replied without a seconds hesitation, like it was a subject she had been thinking about her whole life.

We bought our drinks, well actually I bought our drinks, and as we sat next to each other started to talk.

"So why did you bring me here again?" She asked me, but not seeming to care if I answered truthfully so I replied with.

"You look nice today." And she gave me a puzzled look.

2 long hours later after buying multiple other drinks we began to walk out, April not noticing the cleaner who was slaving away scrubbing at the tiled floors when April fell over the cleaners foot. As she fell nearer the ground I reached out and grabbed her.

And she kissed me.

Stood over the cleaner called Emily (or at least that's what it said on her badge) and she kissed me.

And I kissed her back.



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