Turtle for a living keychain [poem]

A poem about a little turtle who was taken by inhuman humans to be an entertaining toy as a living keychain. I hope people realize how cruel it is to our small friends.


1. ...

The first thing I saw

was a ray of sunlight –

warm and pleasing.

I sought to see more…


“Try harder,”

I told myself and fought

with all I had against a hard shell.

I fought –

and this was my first struggle.


And here it was –

the beautiful unknown world around me!


I felt I had yet

to get to know a lot.

I felt that I had

a lot of years ahead of me for that.

My life – new and unique…

This was the first time I felt

I was happy to be born.


The next thing I saw

were high dark shadows

with big black hands,

outstretched to me –

this was the first time I felt fear.


I was put into a huge basket

with many of us in it.

We all conjectured

what was going to happen.

This was my first time

being afraid of the future.


We were brought to a place.

It was loud there –

a lot of unknown scary sounds.

I couldn’t bear to have my eyes open.

Maybe, if I could

this would have been my first time crying.


After some agonizing time

I opened my eyes when I felt water.

However, no matter how much I tried

I couldn’t move in it well.

My first time suffering deception.


Another dark shadow

with an evil grin on its face.

It grabbed me in my new cage

and hung on a strange thing.

I couldn’t understand

why they were all staring at me.

I couldn’t understand

why I couldn’t get out.

The first time of me feeling despair.


I don’t know

how many days have passed,

but soon I realized

my heart,

which started beating slower,

made it difficult to make the next breath.

There was time I felt hunger,

but now I only wanted to be asleep.

Maybe… just maybe,

the next time I wake up,

will I be in a new world?

Was this my first time

getting to know

what truly a hope was?..








My life was new and unique.

So why was it taken so fast?







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