Shadows of the Heart

These are just random poems about people's hearts and souls.


2. What Truly is the Heart?

What Truly is the Heart?


Is the heart pure?

Is it evil?

Is it cruel?

Is it righteous?


Maybe... but all hearts do start out small and innocent.


They all start out affectionate.

They all start out fond.

They all start out sweet.

They all start out fresh.


But do hearts stay that way?


Do they stay affectionate?

Do they stay fond?

Do they stay sweet?

Do they stay the way they are?


No. For hearts change for small, little reasons, that not all know.


I know they turn cruel.

I know they turn evil.

I know they turn wicked.

But do they all change into something so horrifying?


That I do not know.

All people are different, none the same.

For that reason, no one can comprehend every person heart.

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