The Dream

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  • Published: 26 May 2016
  • Updated: 11 Feb 2016
  • Status: Complete


1. Melancholia

I had a dream the other day.

You were there, and so was I.

You thought that we should go to the beach.


I didn't want to go, but with you, I went anyway.

The waves were high and the skies were dark.

I told you we should turn back, but you did not care to hear me.

You told me I would be safe.


There were sea urchins and starfish littering the shore.

They kept sticking to my shins and piercing the soles of my feet.

"Will you pick me up?" I asked.  The creatures did not seem to bother you.

But instead you glared at me and started walking even faster.

I could not keep up.


I was being abandoned.  I would have seen that if I had the nerve to look anywhere but my feet. 


The second the waves hit my legs I felt relief from the stings. 

Maybe you were right. This wasn't so bad.


I looked up, smiling, to tell you how happy I was to be here with you.

But you were gone.

And I was left in a place I didn't belong,



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