Lights (h.s, z.m)

Chelsea Martinez just moved to London, England, when she gets injured on her way home from work. She wakes up to find that 5 guys rescued her; Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. When she falls into a love triangle with Zayn and Harry, what will happen?


4. Taking it slow

-Harry's POV-

I woke up next to her. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep. I laid back, thinking about the past month. It had been amazing, me with Chel and even Zayn has a new girlfriend, Perrie Edwards.

"Hey babe," I whispered, nudging her. She woke up. "Yeah Harry?" She responded in her morning voice. "Today is our 1 month anniversary," I said back. She grinned, and sat up. "I know."

In my head, all I was thinking was how much I wanted her right then. We hadn't had sex yet, because I didn't want it to seem like I was rushing her, and she hadn't brought it up. I had my fingers crossed though, since it was our anniversary.

**Author's note**

I just started this book yesterday, and I'm writing every chance I get. It would be amazing if you guys could fav and comment ideas, because I'm planning on making a whole free book series out of this. Thanks! ~Starsxo

-Chelsea's POV-

I woke up to his sexy morning voice. I knew it was our anniversary, and I had found him the perfect gift. I was planning on taking him to pick out a kitten at lunch, since I knew how much he loved cats.

There was a second part too, we hadn't had sex yet, and I could tell he wanted to. So, I was planning on saying yes tonight.

We watched Netflix for the rest of the morning, and then it was time to go get a kitten. Harry had no clue where we were going.

-Harry's POV-

She walked out of the bedroom carrying a blindfold.

"Woah.. What's that for..?" I grinned.

"It's a surprise," she answered, putting it on me.

She led me out to the car, and we drove for about 15 minutes when the car stopped. I took the blindfold off and read the sign on the building we came to, and a huge smile spread across my face.

"Evergreen Animal Shelter"

A home for all animals.

-Chelsea's POV-

It was like a kid in a candy shop. Harry ran from cage to cage, giving all the animals a pet and a smile. We kept walking until we saw a cage full of kittens. There was so many. Harry looked like he was going to pass out from happiness when an employee asked us if we wanted to play with them.

"Harry? Are you sure you're ok..." I stifled a laugh. Harry had kittens crawling all over him, in his hair, and clinging to his sweater with their little claws. He was also sporting the biggest smile I had ever seen.

There were maybe about 20 kittens, but a brown one with black stripes seemed to have taken a liking to him.

The employee came back. "Have you two made a selection?" She asked.

I looked at Harry, and he nodded. "I would love to take all of them, but I think this brown tabby is the one for me." He gathered it in his arms, still smiling, and walked to the front desk. We bought all the kitten essentials, food, toys, a little red collar, and more.

"So, what do you want to name her?" I asked on the drive home. "Well, I was thinking Cherry, since she's so small and sweet.

We got home, and set out all of Cherry's things. She immediatly started exploring. We called Niall to ask if he could watch her while we were at dinner, and he agreed.

I went to the bedroom to change, and I was actually very nervous. I was possibly going to lose my virginity that night. I changed into a little black dress and some heels, and off we went.

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