Lights (h.s, z.m)

Chelsea Martinez just moved to London, England, when she gets injured on her way home from work. She wakes up to find that 5 guys rescued her; Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. When she falls into a love triangle with Zayn and Harry, what will happen?


5. First things

-Harry's POV-

The second I saw her walk out the door to meet me in the car, I was stunned. How on earth was I so lucky to have her?

We got to the restaurant, and a waiter came over. "What can I get you two?" He asked. "Well, I'll have the tacos." I said. "Same here." Said Chelsea. I looked at her suprised. "What?" She laughed. "They're my favourite food."

"Same," I laughed.

The whole dinner was very easygoing. We talked about the band, music, our families, and Cherry. Soon, the topic turned to something else.

"So..." She asked. "Are you a... Um.... Virgin?" She looked a little nervous.

"No.." I answered. "Are you?"


"Did you want to..?" I asked.

"Do you?" She answered.

"Well... Yeah but I wanted to make sure you were ok with it first." I said.

"I am." She smiled. "I thought about it and Haz, I want you to be my first."

I wanted to break out into song right there. But, I held the urge.

I paid the bill, and we held hands as we walked back to the car. We drove home, listening to the radio. When we got back it was pretty late, and all the guys were in the living room watching a movie. We walked in, said hi, and went straight to our room. I closed the door, and turned around to see Chelsea sitting on the edge of the bed, looking nervous. I sat beside her and said "Chel... are you sure you want to do this?" I would never want to hurt her.

"Yes, I'm sure.. I just.. don't exactly know how or what to do." She giggled.

I leaned in closer to her, my lips on her forehead. "Well, it goes a little something like this."

I started kissing her lips, moving down onto her neck, then her collarbone. She tipped her head back, moaning a little. I started taking her shirt over her head. She put her arms up, and I pulled it off. She did the same to me, all without breaking the kiss. I pushed her down onto the bed, and hovered over her. I stood up and took off my pants, and went back over her in my boxers. I shimmied her out of her pants, and stared at her a while. She had a beautiful body. I felt myself growing inside my boxers, I needed her now. I took her bra off and started massaging her breasts with one hand, while pulling off her panties with the other. She pulled off my boxers, moaning as my huge 9 inch member sprang out. I kissed her stomach, feeling it tense. I moved my lips even farther down and started circling her clit with my tongue. She moaned again, and her legs started trembling. I moved my lips back up to hers. "You ready?" I asked. She nodded, and I slowly slid into her.

I saw her face clench up in pain as my huge member moved inside her. I moved again, and a couple tears slid down her cheeks. "Just a couple more thrusts and the pain will be gone, babe." I slid in slowly, then out again. She started to move her body with me, and I knew the pain was gone, replaced with only pleasure. She moaned, bucking her hips in rhythm with mine. I started thrusting faster and deeper. She panted, moaning in between every breath. I went even faster and harder, and I felt that I was close. "Mmm babe I'm close!" I said "Me too!" She responded. With that, I thrusted as hard and deep as I could, and her back arched as she screamed in pleasure and had an orgasm. I rode it out, coming soon after.

We laid on the bed, and she was a little sore so I offered to go get her some hot chocolate and a movie to watch. I walked to the kitchen, and all the guys turned around and stared. "Well, someone's getting a little action in there, eh?" Said Zayn, stifling a laugh. The other guys joined in laughing as I made the hot chocolate. "At least I'm getting action," I said, walking back to Chelsea.

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