Kick Your Ass.

Bad Boy One- shot. Eric fanfiction


1. one-shot.

You are from Erudite, and today was the day you have to choose your Faction.

Once they called up your name, you Blake your way to the stage. You grab the knife and slice your hand, you look over your options, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation. Your parents want you either in Erudite, or Amity.

You on the other had don't want to be stuck in Erudite, and you don't want to stay in a boring place like Amity.

You move your bloody hand, over the bowl, and then you blood drips into it. Behind you, you heard cheering. You turn around to see the Dauntless cheering, you look over at you parents, your mom was crying, and your dad looked disappointed in you.

You walk over to your new faction. After a couple more people were called up, they let you go. Everyone in Dauntless was running out! Running, yelling, climbing.

You ran with them, and when you got to the train tracks you climbed up. Your, 'professional', dress your mother made you wear wasn't helping with speed.

When you got to the top, the train came, you saw people jumping on. You started to rain down the track, and jumped into one of the carts. You leaned against the wall, and started to laugh lightly, 'that was fun' you thought.

You took off your shoes, and threw them off the train. High heels can die! After a while you saw people jump off the train, you smile and follow their lead. You landed, on a roof.

Then this guy, Nick I think was his name, was going on, and on about jumping off a roof, and then this girl volunteers, she looks like she's from Amity.

She got to the edge, and then after a bit, she jumps! Than after that , someone else goes. You volunteer to go third. You go to the edge, than jump. You didn't scream, or anything.

Than you landed, on a net. You than laughed a bit, cause it was actually fun. You sit up and go to the edge of it, than a hand appeared in front of me, to help me down.

You grab the hand and got off the net. You look to see the owner of the hand belongs to a guy, not just any guy, a very hot guy. He had dark hair, tattoos and piercings. He shouts something up at the people still on the roof, but you were to distracted, basically checking him out.

When he looks back over at you, you realized that you two still are holding hands. You quickly pull you hand away. He looks at you with a poker face, analyzing you. He looks a bit familiar.

You walk away, over to where the Amity girl is. More people jumped. And the group grew and grew and grew. Everyone seemed to had made friends on the train ride. All but you.

You continue to think, where that hot guy looked so familiar. You wanted to know his name. Maybe his name will help you.

~time skip brought to you by new piercing

After a couple weeks in the new faction, you learned that the hot guys name was Eric, but that didn't seem to help. You worked really hard in Dauntless. You were ranked #2. For which you were great full for. You still haven't made any friends, you'll sometimes have conversations with Tris, but that was it. You two weren't BFFs.

You could seem to get Eric out of your head. But you're not sure if you had the guts to ask anything, even if you were from Erudite.

Then the day came, the final testing in the dauntless faction, that says weather you stay and become a full dauntless, or leave and become faction less.

They paired everyone off, but you. Then Eric walks up to you. "I'll be your opponent, since we seem to be short one." You nod, after he explains.

You had to wait for your name to go up, because they decided to go backwards on the chart. What shocked you, is that Eric decided to have a conversation with you.

" You're from Erudite, right?" he asks. You nod. "so was I.. You're, really tough, for a girl from Erudite." he says.

You smile a bit towards him. "thanks." you say simply.

"so what's your name, it seems fair if I'm going to kick your ass." he says in a teasing tone.

You look over at him and was about to reply, when Four said it was my turn. We walk over to the mat, and got into our stances.

And we begin. Eric wasn't kidding when he said he was going to try and kick your ass; key word, try.

After five minutes, you finally had him. You had beaten, Eric! "by the way, my name is (y/n)." you tell him in a whisper.

He looked a bit frustrated, but then he said, "good job. First girl to beat me. We should train some time." he said then walked off the mat, not before sending you a wink.

You walked off the Matt with a bashful look on your face. Now you know for certain you had a crush on dauntless leader, Eric.

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