Everything is not what it seems

Melody's life was almost normal. At the age of 14 her parents and siblings died in a car crash, she was devastated and her uncle took her in

3 years later
Melody was taking a late shift at the little cafe in town, but on her way home she discovers something weird. Something that is going to change her life forever.
Follow Melody into a world of wonder where almost everything is possible.


1. proluge

Melody's pov. 
" that was all for today. bye Claire" " bye see you tomorrow" Claire said "yeah see ya" I said as I exited the little coffee shop in the mid of the city I was saving money so I could by my own little apartment. it was getting late so I started walking before it would be too late,

after walking for about them minutes but I stopped when something purple was shining in side the Forrest And as the curious person I am I decided to go check it as I stated to walk in towards the light a voice interrupted me " what the hell are you doing" I let out al little scream and turned around there where standing a woman in her 50 s looking at me "checking out where that purple light is coming from" I stated " I don't see any light inside that Forrest" she said I looked weird at her is she blind? "Don't you see it?" I asked .
"No" she said and walked a way.
Weird I thought to myself as I walked deeper in to the night .

When I reached the source of the light I reached out for the touch I don't know why but I just felt the need to touch it but when I reached it a the light grew even more powerful and exploded into different colours I looked at it in an awe struck as the lights surrounded my body and I could feel my feet swaying above the ground I couldn't believe my own eyes but then darkness surrounded me and I fell into unconsciousness.

Ok. So this is my first book ever  and i'm sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes ,English is not my first language. Anyway hope you enjoy

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