Everything is not what it seems

Melody's life was almost normal. At the age of 14 her parents and siblings died in a car crash, she was devastated and her uncle took her in

3 years later
Melody was taking a late shift at the little cafe in town, but on her way home she discovers something weird. Something that is going to change her life forever.
Follow Melody into a world of wonder where almost everything is possible.


5. first power

Melody's POV.

"C'mon Melody we are leaving" yelled Damon.

I ran down the stairs to see Damon waiting " we are going now he said " we walked outside but non of the others was here. but then i could see Lily come running down the road  "hey Lily" I said as she came closer "hey Melody" she said "now we just need Cher and Leo and we are good to go" I said as the two of them showed up seconds later "let's go" Damon said and as he said that our long journey began.

"We first have to walk through the Fae forrest. and after that we have to go through the dark woods" Damon said 

Damon's POV.

I looked over at Melody when I realized that I kind of cared for her that she was safe and happy and not alone she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen she also have a fantastic personality after the short period we have spent together and every time I would look at her i would get this weird feeling that I should make sure that she would never get hurt.

"Damon where are we going to sleep when it gets Dark" Leo asked "I haven't thought about that" I admitted "I got an idea" said Cher "come with me" we was just about to walk with her when i saw some of the kings guards "guys, some guards are coming hide" but it was too late "over there" one of the guards yelled and they shot an arrow in Melody's direction but she dodged it " hide behind me Melody" I said.

She quickly ran behind me and I shot a fireball against them it hit one of them but the others continued to shot fireballs but all of sudden the guards  started to fall "who did that" Lily said 

"him" said Melody to pointing at a man around our age up in a tree looking at us "come down here" I yelled he jumped he heard what i yelled and he hopped down tree and walked against us 

"hey my name is Chase" he said "hey chase, my name is Melody and thanks for the help" she said and smiled "no problem but what exactly are you doing out here" he asked "we are traveling" I answered coldly "Damon?" Melody asked "come over here for two seconds "have you thought about we could need his help for our journey" she said "no. cause we do not need his help" I said "I think we should let him go wit us" said Leo suddenly "fine" I sighed.

"Hey Chase we are going to see the elders and since you saved us we would ask if you wanted to come with us" I said "yeah I would like to go with you" he smiled towards Melody I couldn't help but feel a little jealous now let's get going" said Cher 

Melody's POV

  " hey " said chase and walked up beside me "can I ask you something?" he questioned "yeah, sure" why are you guys going to visit the elders?" he asked "I don't know if I should tell you yet but I can say it's something about me" I said he actually was quite handsome in my opinion "okay" he just said "so what are your powers" he asked but before i could say anything Cher interrupted me.

"we're here she said standing in front of a cliff "but there's isn't anything here" said Damon "just close your eyes and hold each others hands" said Cher we closed our eyes and I took Chase and Harry's hands and we was lead through som trees or something like that.

"Open your eyes" said Cher i open my eyes to see a even more beautiful forrest with houses up in the trees and people flying around with wings "wow" I said "I know, come with me I will find you a place to sleep" said Cher.

"Chase and Harry you can sleep in here" Cher said pointing to a small house up in a tree "Lily and Melody come with me we just have to visit someone first"she said  when i realized I didn't know which powers the girls and Leo had "what powers do you guys have" I questioned "I have the powers of the nature" said Lily "and I am a half spirit elemental and half fae" said Cher "that's why we are here my mom lives here" she said "c'mon".

She took a hold of our hands and wings appeared on her back and I could feel the ground disappearing under my feet and I was amazed by this I had never expected her to be like this you know a fae like that is amazing. She wanted to fund us an place to sleep so she flew up to the biggest house of all and she knocked on the door And a woman appeared. "Cher" she yelled and gave her hug "hey mom" said Cher "so who may these two girls be" she asked kindly "my name is Lily" "and my name is Melody" I answered she just smiled at me"come inside" she exclaimed happily.

She let us in and made some food for us "how long are you staying" Cher's mom asked "only for the night" i answered "Melody can i talk with you under four eyes" her mom asked "sure ...." I said "you can call me Ella" she said.

We walked into a little room with some chairs a table and lots of other stuff "take a seat" she said "can I see that necklace you are wearing" Ella asked "i actually don't like taking it off, but i trust you" I took of my necklace and handed it to her "you know, i actually made this necklace years back for the queens daughter where do you have it from" she said looking at me"I don't know, my mom told me that after i was born she fell asleep and when se woke up i was wearing the necklace" I answered she just nodded. "you know I can feel you are very different from the others your glow is very strong, but I can't figure out what it is that make you glow like that" she said. (glow: is where you like can see how strong there power is). 

"what kind of powers do you have" she asked "I don't know" I sighed "we are hoping that the elders could tell me" I said "is that so, it is a good idea" she said "you have to be aware on everything out in these woods you never know what's going to happen, the woods are unpredictable" she said "we will be careful" I said even though I was scared of what that was going to happen I gave reassuring smile 

When we walked out i could feel their eyes on me "let me show you a room to sleep in" said Ella first she showed  Lily a room and Cher had already left for her room "you are going to sleep in here" she showed me a big room with a massive bed and beautiful decorations "wow, it's stunning" I said "I know it's one of my favorite rooms here".

As i laid in the room i couldn't help but think about my family who died may not be my real family but someone Adonis gave me to what if someone killed then on purpose to find me and it really was my fault they died.

I realized that i had to stop thinking that much i needed some sleep. after a couple of seconds i was sleeping.


A man runs down and he is holding something in his arms. he comes to an at an house  stop he looks at the door and i soon realized that i was a child he was holding he laid the child in front of the door and left a little note with the child it said 'please take care of the child and protect her from danger, some people are after her and want her dead the people you should be aware of is humans with red eyes and she must never take her necklace off unless it's necessary please take care of her, her name is Melody' he knocked on the door and ran away. A woman open the door and saw the little child at her door step she quickly picked the little child up and went in to the house.

(end of dream)

This dream was a lot different from the others I have had it was like I was in the human world again and it was Adonis who carried me and delivered me at my family.

"Melody we are leaving now" called someone "coming" I called back.

I quickly grabbed my bag and walked out of the room "goodbye Ella it's been a pleasure meeting you" I said to Ella "no problem you are always welcome" she said "bye" we all said.

"Hey boys" Lily called "hey" they said "ready to go girls" Chase asked "yep" I said "good let's go.

Cher followed us out of the fae city but for some reason we couldn't get to see the place location because they wanted to keep it's location a secret. "which way to go"I asked Damon " we have to take a left here and go straight for a couple of miles, but we will take a small forrest path so we dont get discovered by some guards" he answered.

"Hey Melody you never answered my question about your powers" Chase said to me I panicked what did I say, I could not just trust him yet "Elemental" i said hoping he would stop asking about it "what kind of Elemental" he asked, great i thought to myself what do I tell him "ummm earth" I said "okay he just said.

"anybody hungry" Cher said "yep" we all answered, we all had a little piece of bread and some water.

After eating I walked over to Damon "how come you want to help me" I asked him "I actually  don't know I just have a feeling telling me to help an protect you" he said looking at me  "I really appreciate your help and i can never thank you enough" I said he smiled to me and i could feel myself blushing and i quickly turned my face to the other side . For some time we just walked straight ahead and talked with each other and i'm starting to really like Damon he is such a sweet guy, but in a friendly way.

"hey Lily can I ask you something" I asked "sure" she said "should I trust Chase and tell him about everything" i asked her she looked over at me and took some time before talking, "you now i think you should he kind of saved our lives" she said " yeah you're right i will tell him later" I just said.

The forrest started to become darker and darker and creepier and creepier "we are now entering the dark forrest" Damon called "SHIT, this place is creepy" Lily said "maybe we should get some rest before we move on" said Leo "good idea" I said.

We mad a little fire to make some food over and just sat down to rest a little "Chase can I talk to you for a minute" I asked him "sure". We walked a little away from the others so I could talk to him "okay chase, I have decided that I will trust you about what we are doing and I will tell you everything that's going on, understand?" I told him "yes, I understand" he said "okay her we go" I took a deep breath and started talking. I told him everything from the first dream to meeting Damon and the others to how I got on this journey "and then we met you" I ended "wow, that has happened a lot og things to you over the pat few days" he said and looked at me "oh and if you tell anyone it will be worst for yourself" I said. "now let's go back to the others".

After coming back I just laid down to get some sleep, the others we're already sleeping when we came back so we just laid down without saying anything.

(next morning)

When I woke up the others were rushing around "Chase is gone" said Damon angrily "I knew we shouldn't trust him" he said know he will find some guards and kill us or take on of you guys" he said pacing back and forth "hello guys" said a familiar voice "I just went to find some food" he said and smiled "thank you" Cher said "we need it" she said and looked over at Damon .

I could feel that Damon wasn't in his best mood and I knew he did not like Chase very well, but why I, don't know.

Chase POV.

 When Melody told me everything i was quite surprised that se had gone trough that much, but I didn't care I had one job and that was to bring her to my master. and I have it all planned out. But i decided to tell my master I know where she is. so left the others while they were sleeping

"Master I have found the girl you search" I told him, "good where is she then" he asked "she met a group of elementals on her first day here and they are going to visit the elders with her" I stated "and how do you plan to get her here" he asked "you will see" I said.

I started to head back but i took some food with if they had gotten suspicious while i were gone.

And just as I thought they were all awake and they were all looking pretty angry especially Damon, but i didn't care.

"Ready to go Chase" Melody asked "yeah I am" "good, let's go" she said and off we go. "we will have to walk the hole night if we want to survive this" I said "yeah you're right" Leo says "off we go then" I said.

Melody POV

For some time we just walked without saying a thing and they were so quiet not a sound from the wind or from any kinds of animals just our footsteps. "Hey Leo" I asked "yeah" he said "there was one thing i have been wondering about, is Cher your girlfriend?" i asked "no,no,no she's my half sister" he smiled "oh okay", "you ave no idea how may people ho have asked us that question" he said "but I can guess that a lot of people have" I said "yup" he just said.

I haven't gotten to know Leo that much yet so it was nice talking to him and getting to know him a little more.

"Did you here that" Damon said sounding a tad scared "yeah it sounds like someone  is coming this way" Leo said "VAMPIRES" yelled Cher "and they're many of them, so hide" we all ran in different directions i ran a little further into the forrest hid behind a big tree. there they were the must be at least fifty.

"I think we have guests" one of them said "I smell them too" another of them said my breath hitched and one of them turned his head towards where I was hiding. The vampire ran inhuman speed towards me "you really think that you could hide" i took a step back "scared? huh" he said coming closer.

 "leave me alone" I said trying to sound brave but I was trembling with fear and failed miserably "no you're my meal" he smirked and dashed forward but i took my arm forward trying to stop him while closing my eyes  and I waited for him to bite me but the pain never came. I open my eyes to see the vampire covered in ice standing just a few centimeters in front of me. The vampires just stood there talking and seconds after they ran away from the scene.

I could not believe what I just stood there completely lost looking at the frozen vampire "MELODY" the others came running "that.was.amazing" Lily said "I have never seen anyone doing this when they first discovered their powers, I could barely lit a candle" Damon said amazed "I didn't even do it on purpose" I said "that's normal" informed Lily "okay" I said relieved "can we just get away from here" I said "sure" said Leo.

I could not believe myself i was scared and still amazed of what I did "you know if you train a lot you will be better than the king" said Cher "you think so?" maybe but you can't fight him alone unless you are the lost princess" she said "you did have those dreams" she added "they did never find a baby body in the ruins" she said "it could be" I said "but maybe I was supposed to find her or something like that " I sighed "everything happens for a reason sweetie" she said  and smiled.


it was starting to get dark, like really dark the only light we had was the moon but then I got an idea "hey Damon! can't you like make a fireball in your hand or something like that so we can see the forrest path" I asked him "wow, that i did not think about, grat idea Melody" he smiled and fire appeared in his hand "how much longer are we gonna go" Lily complained "about six more hours"Damon said "ughh" Lily groaned. 

After walking for what felt like days the sun started to rise but I heard something behind me I looked back to see nothing I couldn't help but feel that I someone is watching  me 


"unknown's/the evil king's POV

I got exactly where I want her and soon her powers will be all mine. I sent Chase but I got an idea that it would be better if I got her myself (evil laugh).

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