POETRY part 2:)


1. Lies


We all grow up with lies

Lies that when we grow up

We will sit at the adult table

But what we don’t realize

As we grow up

So do they


Lies that the fish is okay

It didn’t die

It was just sleeping

But what they don’t mention

Is the different colors

And the stink from the toilet


Lies that growing up is easy

That life can go smoothly

But what they don’t say

Is that there’s a bumpy road to get there

A maze

And some of us

Don’t ever get out


Lies that lying is bad

When obviously we are lies

Lies upon lies

A tangled web of lies

So tangled there is no chance

Of escape


So we just play along

Until we can manage to get out

Or get stuck in the current

Drifting out to sea

For eternity



Are they really better

Than telling the truth

Or are they for the worse

Slowly poisoning all of us






Poison for us all


So do we lie to ourselves

To keep us sane

Alive and well


Life is a thousand lies

A tangled web

And maybe it is for the better



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