Forbidden Love (Draco Malfoy)

I tensed up. He leaned in closer, and started kissing me. I felt the sparks rise at his very little touch. There's no other explanation, I'm in love with Draco Malfoy.


6. A surprise

I walked onto the Hogwarts Express. Someone yanks me into their compartment, its Draco. Hold on, I forgot to say that I've had a crush on Draco since last year. "Ah! What now Malfoy?" I still call him Malfoy so its not obvious that I like him. Oh no. Why did I look into those beautiful, yet mysterious, grey eyes. Draco looks worried about something. and that's new because he usually hides his emotion really well. "Is Sirius Black your father?" Oh no. Now he sounds super worried. I'm going to tell him the truth. "Yes. Why?" If possible, his pale face turned even paler. Now I'm the one worried. "I over heard my dad talking with the minister of magic, he says that Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban to come and find you." There was, if possible, even more worry in Draco's voice. We looked into each others eyes. Why does he have to be so god damn hot, no matter what mood he's in. He took a step forward. Without breaking eye contact, he took hold of my hand. I felt sparks in my hand where his is touching mine. Then, out of no where, his lips are on mine. He depends the kiss. I run my fingers through his hair, his hands on my waist. Finally, we break the kiss, both of us panting, foreheads pressed together. I pick up Michael and walk away. Before I leave the compartment, I say, "Bye Draco." "Bye Grace." I walk to my usual compartment. The Golden Trio, Seamus, and the sleeping Proffesor Lupin is in the compartment.

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