The Only Reason *Sequel to Unexpected*

*Sequel to Unexpected*


6. Panic Mode - 6

Hold on to your seats because we're gonna get deep

(Especially you Draid)


Draid's POV

I was at our new house that Niall bought and I was watching tv with him and I started to feel ill, very ill

I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up 

I heard Niall coming in


"Hey babe are you okay?"

"I think It's coming" I said while throwing up again

"You mean the baby?" He said while rubbing my back

"Yea" I said  

"Alright lets go before it-" Niall said but what stopped him was my water breaking

"It breaks..." He said finishing his sentence

"Ok go get a towel and get dressed I'll clean this up" He said 

"ok" I said and ran to our room, got a clean towel, cleaned myself, got dressed, and waited for Niall 

"Alright lets go" He said and sighed at the end

"Is there something wrong?" I said while holding his hand

"Nothings wrong I'm just nervous is it a girl? a boy? what are we gonna name it? WE DIDN'T EVEN BUY ANYTHING.. Will I be a good father? will you be a good mother? what if you die when you have the baby? what if you leak to much blood..? 

SHE NEEDS A PENGUIN FOR HER BIRTHDAY!" He said while pacing around the room

"We will find out what gender and we'll name it when it comes, we'll get one of the girls to take care of the baby while we get stuff for it, and you'll be a good father and I'll be a good mother, and I'm pretty sure I won't die or leak to much blood

And we WILL get a Penguin for its birthday"

"NOW LETS GO!" I said while rushing to the door and Niall following behind


Ok have you guys seen that video where I think Zayn and Louis pranks Liam, Harry, and Niall and one of the producers or something from Nickelodeon was in on it and she had to act like she was pregnant and Harry was the sweetest ever he was calming her down and stuff and Niall was just sitting on the couch watching it LIKE NIALL HELP HER

But he was so calm like nothing happened OMG you guys need to watch it if you haven't it's so funny Just type in Nickelodeon pranks 1D



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