The Only Reason *Sequel to Unexpected*

*Sequel to Unexpected*


9. Living life - 9


Rachel's POV


Life is great but not when Ashton irwin buys you a house or in exact words a MANSION

We unboxed everything and I love the house I feel at home

"What are you watching" Ashton said while sitting on the couch next to me

"Watching the How Did We End Up Here dvd" I said

"Oh good choice one of my favs!" He said and I laughed

"Really?! Have you seen that Ashton guy he's so hot.."  I said while laughing

"Well if he's hot go date him" He said

"Ok!" I said 

we laughed our butts off that I missed 20 minutes of the movie and I was now at the part when Micheal burned his hair 

"Micheal's so clumsy" Ashton said

"Calum too, He fell so many times" I said while seeing him in my head falling over and over again

"I got clumsy friends.." Ashton said

"Their cool though.." I said

"But your cooler" He said and kissed me


So close to an end right now ahhh


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