The Only Reason *Sequel to Unexpected*

*Sequel to Unexpected*


7. It's A What?


Niall's P.O.V


We arrived at the hospital and I slowly calmed down but Draid wasn't calm, the baby was coming more and more and I held her hand the whole time while we were waiting for a doctor


"Babe?" Draid said pulling me out of my thoughts

"Yes?" I said while looking at her

"I'm scared.." She said while leaning her head on my shoulder

"It'll be ok" I said and then the doctor came

"Niall Horan" the doctor said

"Yes?" I said while standing up

"were ready." He said

"Alright, come on babe" I said while grabbing her hand

"No.." She said while holding me back
"What?" I said while letting her hand go

"I don't want you to see me like this" She said

"Ok, I love you" I said


Draid's P.O.V



"Ok, I love you" He said

"I love you too" I said, I kissed him and walked away with the doctors

"Ok go to the bathroom right over there and change into this" He said while giving me a blue cloak robe thingy

I went to the bathroom, changed, and layed down on the bed

oh god I'm so not ready

A few minutes later after screaming like a little girl

I am a girl but you know what I mean..


Niall entered the room and he saw the baby in my arms

"Gender?" He asked

"He's a boy.." 







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