Mask of Perfection

Another slam poem for the contest. I'd be posting them anyway. Let me know if you find any errors in this one too.


1. Mask of Perfection


Her face was a mask of perfection,

but it could only cover her exterior.

I didn’t know that a pile of lies

could sculpt such beauty.

Are all demons so captivating?

She’s shoved old Mr. Jennings

to the ground again.

I don’t know how much more he can take

before his old bones give way with a crack

and he can’t rise up from the ground.



Her face was a mask of perfection,

but she’s hideous on the inside.

She believes that her heritage

makes her better than the rest of us.

“I’m the prince’s cousin twice removed,”

she brags every day in every way possible.

See those starving children?

She pushed their mother to the side

to buy the last loaf of bread.

Now they’ll end up skinny and dead.



Her face was a mask of perfection,

but that’s all it was.

A shell that would someday crumble

and all the lies would fade.

We would see her for her true self,

tear down that glamorous facade.

Oh how I await that day.

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