The Crimson Crimea

A poem about the Crimean War 1853-1856, inspired by the poem 'Charge of the Light Brigade' by Tennyson


1. The Crimson Crimea

The men who battled boldly

Did limp and stagger back,

Their bodies duly broken,

Their souls about to crack.

The guns had fallen silent,

The swords lay now at rest,

The men who battled boldly

Had stood up to the test.


'It's for your Queen and Country'

Is what the old men cried,

As they sat in peaceful London

T'was their countrymen who died.

Each inch of land was paid for,

Each mile and scrap of mud,

Which was claimed for Ol' Britannia

Was claimed in tears and blood.


At Alma men stood firmly

As Russian guns rained hell,

Our boys they strode through blade and shot,

Through musket ball and shell.

They charged again for honour

At Balaclava they did so bold,

'In to the valley of death rode the 600'

Goes the tale of old.


At Inkerman they rose again

No disease nor folly could stop,

The boys in red with Union breast

From reaching for the top.

They fought the snow, they fought the storms,

They fought the Russians too,

They fought for Queen and Country,

They fought for me and you.


The Crimson Crimea lays dormant,

Yet the ghosts still wander by,

We remember their service fondly,

Though we still can wonder why.

'It's for your Queen and Country'

Is what the old boys said,

But neither Queen nor Country

Means very much to the dead.

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