The Aftermath

You really don't care. Or maybe you just don't know. My life is over, I'm letting the darkness in. All because of you.


1. The impact

The Aftermath


Engulfed, blinded by sheer despair

Why do I feel so dumb?

Your icy grip courses through my blood

Now all feeling gone, I am numb


Lost, your maze thickens and grows

Soon I am trapped and blind

With no - one around to see me cry

The ice eats me from inside


Dizzy, my head hits the floor

Gasping as you suck my soul

Taking away all I knew

Shivering against your cold


Your parade of lies weigh me down

Crushing me from within

Why is it you ruined my life?

Have I committed a sin?


Frozen tears trickle down my face

Bitter as they fall on my tongue

Chill blue blood pours from my heart

The air escapes my lungs


People say the truth may hurt

But your lies scar for life

Your words froze my gullible heart

And submerged my world in strife


You took away everything


Your lies have spiralled out of control

And the pain is too much for me

But don't worry, your lies will no longer cause me pain,

As soon as I turn off the lights.



By Magnet0

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