My Lonesome Prince

Renesmee Bloomer, a poor student, got accepted into a rich school because of her grades. She is enrolled for her Junior year and she gets picked on. She feels lonely and then a guy helps her. He's also a lonely person. Later on she finds out that he's no other than a prince! And not just any prince but a prince that she's falling for. Something happens that breaks her heart into pieces. Will Renesmee get her lonesome prince?


6. Thank you...

I stood by my locker putting my books away. Chuck was nowhere to be found and neither was Olivia. I guess Chuck might have did something about it.

"How dare you tell the principal that lie!" Olivia said walking up to me.

Everyone that was in the hallway, turned their heads to us. Olivia had her arms crossed over her chest and she looked pissed. I closed my locker and looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her.

"You told him I pushed all your things in the water when you actually fell," She yelled.

It was clear that she wanted to make a scene and wanted me to look like the bad guy. I stood there and didn't say anything. I didn't tell the principal anything. I don't even know how he looks like.

"I've been nothing but nice to you!"She yelled,"This is why we shouldn't let poor people join this school because all they do is lie lie lie and lie!"

"Are you done acting?" Chuck's voice came out of nowhere.

"Charles what do you mean?" Olivia looks at him, shocked a bit,"I'm not acting! I'm telling the truth!"

"What truth are you speaking?" He said walking up to her,"I'm the one who reported the whole thing because I saw it."

Her face began to turn red and she moves back a little. I can't believe Chuck is doing this... He totally has her in her own web.

"I-I," Olivia said and then broke out into tears,"I can't believe you take this poor trash's side over me! She doesn't belong in this school! She can't even wear the uniform because she can't afford it!"

"You're right," Chuck said,"She can't afford the uniform and isn't of any rich class like everyone else..."

I looked over at Chuck in shocked to what he just said as Olivia smiled. She wiped her tears away, ready to hear what else he has to say. I stand there with my head held low.

"Sterling Academy is for students of passion of learning and a heart for studying, any type of person can join," Chuck said looking at Olivia,"You may have the money to join this school but you sure don't have a heart to stay here."

"Charles that's enough," A man's voice said as he walks up to Chuck,"It's all true but enough. This um person can't take the spotlight anymore."

"Person? But you know me!" Olivia said looking at the man who was dressed in a black suit.

"I did but after this I don't," he answered her,"Now come and we can find you a perfect school to fit your lying and we don't have to pay."

Olivia wipes her face and doesn't say anything. She follows him into the office. I turned my gaze to Chuck and smiled at him.

"Thank you," I told him and he smiled back at me.

"No I didn't do anything," Chuck said,"The principal saw everything from his office and just questioned me after my father's meeting with him and Olivia's father. Her father wasn't happy about it so that's why he came here to take her out of this school."

"So wait... Was that her.. father?" I asked.

"Yes that was her father," He said,"I told you he was upset with his daughter's actions to you."

"Wow," I said looking at the office.

He just came here and acted like she wasn't even his daughter. A little cruel but I guess it's fair in his book.

"Hey I have something for you," Chuck said taking me out of my thoughts.

"What is it?" I asked turning to look at him.

"Here," he gave me a big bag that he was hiding somewhere,"Open it and you can't give it back."

I looked at the bag and then opened it. Inside was the uniform for school! I closed the bag and looked at Chuck, who was smiling big.

"I can't tak-"

"You must," Chuck cut me off,"I didn't even get it for you. Olivia's dad thought you should have them since you're more fit for this school than his daughter so you have to take it."

I look down at the bag and sighed. I guess this was his way of saying sorry about his troubled daughter.

"Fine I accept the gift," I smiled at Chuck.

"Good now you can't give back the one I got for you either," He laughed.

"Wait you got me one?" I yelled at him,"No! You can take it back! Do it Chuck! Take it back!"

"I can't," he laughed as I push the bag in his face,"You already accepted it!"

"But that was before I knew you got me one," I took out one of the uniforms and handed it to Chuck,"Now here!"

"I didn't get you that one,"he laughed and turned away to start walking.

"Then take the one you got me!" I yelled as I ran after him.


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