My Lonesome Prince

Renesmee Bloomer, a poor student, got accepted into a rich school because of her grades. She is enrolled for her Junior year and she gets picked on. She feels lonely and then a guy helps her. He's also a lonely person. Later on she finds out that he's no other than a prince! And not just any prince but a prince that she's falling for. Something happens that breaks her heart into pieces. Will Renesmee get her lonesome prince?


3. At Home

I sat in the living room doing some homework I was given. The front door opens and Gwen walks in. should maybe take that key away from her when I want to be alone.

"Ren why did you walk home?" she asked as she walked up to me,"I wanted to pick you up."

"I don't know," I said focusing on my homework,"I felt like walking today."

"What's wrong?" she asked looking at me,"C'mon I know you way better than you do, so spill it."

"Hee nothing," I said smiling as I glanced up at her,"Just didn't think the school will be just like a normal one.."

"School is school, Renesmee," Gwen laughed,"It's not like they are gonna give you easy treatment in a much better school."

"True," I laughed as well and got back to my homework.

I wish I could tell her what happen with that Olivia girl but knowing Gwen... She will go crazy and I don't want that. Plus, I kind of want to handle this myself. Gwen got up and walked to the kitchen. I stayed focusing on my homework while she messed in the kitchen. Few minutes later I was distracted by the smell of food cooking. My stomach growled and I cling onto it. I sighed and got up to see what Gwen was making.

Once I stepped into the kitchen I was attacked with the yummy smell. I looked at Gwen and saw her cooking her butt off. She was working hard to make dinner for us. I walked over and grabbed plates. She looked at me and then smiled.

"Great start serving!" she smiled.

I smiled back and began to pour the food on both of our plates. I swear I was drooling because of how good the food looked. I placed the plates on the table as Gwen brought drinks and forks to eat with. We both sat down and looked at our food.

"Geez Gwen you out did yourself," I said as my eyes didn't leave the food.

"Stop staring at it and just eat!" she laughed.

I picked up my fork and took my first bite. I swear I think I must of died and gone to heaven. I didn't waste anytime as I began to eat all my food until it disappeared. Gwen laughed at me because I got up for seconds. I stuck out my tongue and continued to eat again. Once I was done I laid on the floor full with yummy food.

"Oh Ren you out did yourself this time," she laughed.

"Yea yea hush," I said not moving,"I still have a food baby."

"Alright," she smiled and began to pick up the mess.

I looked up at the ceiling and felt my eyes getting heavy. I closed them slowly because I couldn't hold them open anymore and fell asleep on the floor.


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