by : Lav Martin


1. "To Calum"

Calum sees her at every concert.

Her long black hair gathered in a ponytail that stops at her upper thighs . she was beautiful. Her dark brown hair shone through the darkness. Calum always seemed so attracted to her. He wanted her to be more than a fan. maybe she can become a friend , or something more ? Calum chuckled and shrugged off the thought.

Luke nudged Calum . he was idling in the middle of a concert! Calum was awoken from his thoughts

" Uh.. sorry. I got a bit lost there. "

He apologized to the crowd and continued doing his thing on the bass.

••••••••••*Time skip brought to you by levi*••••••••••

Calum Chased the two girls . They were walking near the arena. he called for her as loud as he can . Hopefully no papparazis are following .

"WAIT!" he called .

The two girls finally stopped , turning around to face the chaser . the girl with curly hair and tanned skin froze. The girl Calum was there for , just smiled. A small genuine smile.

"Hi." Calum manage to say between his breath.

The curly girl shrjeked . she couldn't believe Calum was just a few feet away from her , and it's not a concert . The long haired girl remained silent still smiling

"Calum Hood! Calum freaking Hood! " the curly haired girl muttered.

Calum approached the two , as he walk closer , the curly haired didnt know what to do. while the other girl was still silent and smiling. Calum was schocked and amused. if the girl was a fan , how the hell is she not freaking out ?!

As he was in front of the two girls , he stopped confusion spread all over his face . In a blink of an eye , the long haired girl was gone . Not a trace of her left. He eyed the curly haired girl who was getting something out of her bag .

" Can we take a picture?" The girl asked , Calum absent mindedly nodded , smiling to the camera .

" Where's your friend? The long haired one ? " Calum asked her . The girl topped and tears ran down her face.

" You know Nicole? she died just a few days ago ." She smiled through the tears , getting an envelope out of her bag .

" What?! B-But she......." Calum was lost of words.

"She wanted me to give you this ." she handed him the white envelope . a handwritten note on it , " TO : Calum , From : Nicole ."

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