Once Is Never Enough

Never Enough is an all girl rock band who wins the chance to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Four members of the band hit the road. The band is composed of lead singer Ever, lead guitar Vivian, bass guitar Felicity, and drummer Jada. Felicity's older sister Nathalia is sent to watch over them all, but soon the girls need her more then just a babysitter. Can Felicity stay out of trouble? Drama is spilling between each band as the members fall for each other. Soon, fame comes for Never Enough, but with fame comes problems they weren't ready to face. Can Never Enough stand in the world of fame or will they fall apart?


10. Chapter 9 - Felicity - Are you ready?

 Felicity's POV 


 "He's so cute! Is he dating anyone?" I asked Calum as I scrolled through my Instagram. 

 "Really? Michael?" he laughed.

 "Yes, Michael. Come on, I need your approval!" I begged.

 "Why?" He rolled his eyes

 "Because you're like a brother to me, and I need to know what you think," I sighed.

 "Okay, fine. Honestly, I'm not sure if he likes you, but if you want to try, then go for it," he said. 

 "Yes!! This is why I love you," I yelled and jumped up, and grabbed Calum's phone. I snapped a quick picture of us together and posted it on instagram. 

 I hugged him and ran out of the room and down to the practice rooms. I threw open the door and saw Ash and Nat. 

 "Guys, have you see Michael?" I asked. Nat gave me a look. 

 "Yea, Last place I saw was his room. Why?" Ashton asked.

 "I have a favor to ask." I smiled and went back to the rooms. I quickly found his and knocked.

 The door was pulled open and Michael stood before me. I realized that at that moment I didn't know what to say. I had no dialogue prepared. 

 "Um, hey Mikey." I smiled nervously.

 "Yes Felicity?" he laughed.

 "Call me Sissy. Do you have a minute?" I asked.

 "Sorry, Sissy. Yea, come in," he said and I slowly walked pass him. I sat on his bed. 

 "So I was wondering if you would do something with me, more or less." I smiled.

 "It depends on what it is," he laughed.

 "Great, I heard a yes," I said.

 He let out a deep breath and rolled his eyes. 

 "I don't have much of a choice, do I?" he asked.

 "Nope, now let's go!" I said, and grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the room.


 It had been 4 hours since we left and I honestly had a great time. 

 "So now what are you going to say to the gatekeeper?" Michael asked.

 "Who? Natty?" I asked.

 "Obviously," he laughed.

 "Oh come on. She's not that bad is it?" I asked.

 "Sis, you look like a different person," he said.

 "Okay. But, I mean, at least she can't be that mad at me," I smiled. 


 God was I wrong. Nat was beyond pissed. She was basically smoke coming from her ears. 


 I looked in the mirror at my light purple ombre hair, my ear piercings and my lip piercing.

 "Well, I mean the hair and ears were easy, but the lip was the real challenge," I said.

 "Do you think this is funny?!! Do you think this is a damn game?!! Mom and Dad left me in charge of you to make sure you didn't do anything stupid- A.K.A. this!" she yelled.

 "Nat, I get that, but what's done is done. I'll even tell Mom and Dad if I have to," I said as calmly as I could.

 "Damn right you are! I'm not getting bitched out for this!" she continued. 

 "Oh my God, Nat, shut up!!!" I yelled and walked out of the room. I walked down to Calum's room and pounded on the door. 

 "What?" Ashton snapped. 

 "I'm looking for Calum, and don't yell at me!" I snapped back. 

 "He's not here. You don't get to tell me what to do," he said angrily.

 "I may be small, but I will kick your ass any day!" I rolled my eyes and walked away going to the practice rooms.

 They were completely empty, so I walked outside to see if he was loading everything up for tonight. Nope. 

 I groaned and pulled out my phone, calling him. 

  "Hi, ho," answered Calum.

  "Cal, where are you?" I asked.

  "Um, store with Viv," he responded.

  "Dammit, okay. Thanks. Bye," I said, pulling the phone from my ear.

  "Wait Sis-!"

 I clicked end and shoved my phone into my pocket. I didn't know what to do at the moment because I was so pissed. I started toward the gym in the hotel.

 I walked in and shoved my headphones in and started running on the treadmill. 

 Before I knew it, the sun had set and light had turned to darkness, and my phone started blowing up. 

 I had texts and calls from all the girls and four missed calls from Calum. I groaned as my phone ran for what felt like the billionth time and clicked answer. 

 "Felicity, where are you? We have to leave in a few," Michael quickly said.

 "I'm in the gym. I'm on my way up. I need to shower. Then I'll be ready," I said, and hopped off the treadmill and went to the elevator. My legs tingled and they felt weird every time I walked. I guess I had been running for a while.


 We all loaded in to a van and sat in silence for a while. I started doing my vocal warmups and soon the car was filled with weird noises coming from me and the girls. The guys laughed and made fun of us as we did up.

 "You may think it's funny but it works," I said.  

 I took deep breaths and looked at the girls. 

 "Viv, you rock. Ever, you are fucking amazing. Nat, you can do this, because you're great," I said, and grabbed their hands. 

 We pulled up at the venue and everyone flooded out of the car and backstage. 


 "Never Enough. Two minutes," someone said. We nodded and hugged each other. 

 "We can do this. Are you ready?" I yelled

 The girls cheered and I smiled. 

 "Hands" I said and stuck out my hand. They piled theirs onto mine and I smiled. Then, we all chanted together: 

 "1, 2, 3, 4, once is Never Enough!"

 We took our positions and I smiled at them. Viv started and I nodded. 

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