Once Is Never Enough

Never Enough is an all girl rock band who wins the chance to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Four members of the band hit the road. The band is composed of lead singer Ever, lead guitar Vivian, bass guitar Felicity, and drummer Jada. Felicity's older sister Nathalia is sent to watch over them all, but soon the girls need her more then just a babysitter. Can Felicity stay out of trouble? Drama is spilling between each band as the members fall for each other. Soon, fame comes for Never Enough, but with fame comes problems they weren't ready to face. Can Never Enough stand in the world of fame or will they fall apart?


6. Chapter 5 - Natty - Nowhere

Opening my eyes, I saw that the room was dark, other than the T.V. playing low, quite. Felicity was passed out. I just had a dream I passed out on stage. I try to push my thoughts back, but my mind kept going to the dream, to the past when it happened and to all the "what if"s.

I was not taking this any more. Putting on my sweatshirt and boots, I snuck out of my room. Turning, I saw the last person I thought I would see- Ashton.

“Oh, hey,” he said.

I hope my hair isn't too bad.

“Hi,” I said casually.

“Whatcha’ doing?” he asked, stepping away from his door, closer to me.

“Can't sleep.” I bit my lip.

“Phone call,” he said, lifting up his cellphone.

“Oh,” I said.

What do I say? Why can't I think of anything?

“Where were you heading?” he asked, stepping closer again.

“I don't know, nowhere really.”

He smiled, “May I join you?”

“Uh, sure.”

He turned, now standing next to me.

“Lead the way to nowhere,” he said, watching me.

I was blushing with him being that close.

“This way?” I said. It came out as a question.

We didn't say anything until we came to the pool. I sat down.

“Is this your nowhere?” he asked, sitting down next to me.

“It is tonight.”

“Do you have many nowheres?”

“Kinda. I don't sleep much.”

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m usually busy”

“With?” He didn't seem nosy, but like he really wanted to know.

“School, the band...I should be packing for college, not heading out on tour,” I said, and smiled sadly.

“Why are you, then?”

“My sisters need me,” I said.

I wasn't looking at him, but at the water; I could feel him watching me.

“So, that's why you can't sleep?” he said.

“You want the truth?” I said, look straight ahead. He didn't say anything. Turning, I looked at him.

“The idea of playing a show makes me want to pass out.”

“Didn't you play the contest?”

“We had a different drummer,” I said. My hands started sweating. “I’ve never played an actual show. The last time I tried was elementary school and... I passed out.” I looked away.

“Why did you agree to do it?”

“I don't know… we couldn't find anyone who could learn our songs fast enough or good enough. I know all the songs so…,” I met his eyes. “Plus,” I said not looking away. “I love playing.” I smiled. “There's nothing like it.” He was smiling bigger than I’ve seen him. “I just wish I wasn't so nervous.” I wiped my hands down my PJs. I was wearing black and white checked pants and my favorite "We the Kings" sweatshirt.

His phone beeped, bringing me back to the real world.

“I should get back before Felicity- my sister- realizes I’m gone,” I said.

“She's your sister?” Ashton asked, already standing up and holding out his hand for me. Taking it, I let him help pull me up.

“Yea,” I breathed out. We were just looking at each other. “They all are, but she's related to me,” I breathed out.

Smiling, he released my hand and tucked some of my dark hair behind my ear.

We walked back, not talking, and it felt nice. At my door, I turned to see Ashton watching me.

“Thanks for talking.”

“Anytime,” he said, still watching me as I shut my door.


“It's me. Just go back to sleep, Sissy.”


Ever, Viv, Felicity and I all sat around the room listening to Georgia telling us more about the tour.

“We'll being opening with six songs. Three must be covers. Make sure you know the order, the style- everything. You have two and a half weeks before the first show. By then you must know every song in your sleep, the band style, what your going to wear- everything. Understand?”

We all mumbled,"Yeah."

“This is your practice room. Come in here for PRACTICE ONLY. Oh, and come in here no later than 10PM. Anything else?” said Georgia. We shook our heads.

As soon as she left, we began talking.

“Over You. Is. A. Must,” Viv said.

We're making a list of what original songs to perform.

I went over to my drums and closed my eyes. I was tapping our songs softly, hearing them each. I was playing Rain in the Summer, and, when I opened my eyes, I see Ashton sitting by the drums.

“I- oh, hi," I stammered.

“Hey, did you get some sleep?” he asked.

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Good. What are you doing?” he asked. I looked around and saw everyone sitting in a group.

“Seeing what songs I like, how the bass sounds, and other stuff.”

“Is it helping?”

“Yeah, the feeling I get when playing each helps knowing what should be on the set.”

“Can I hear you play?” he asked.

I looked over at the group of people, including some people who had heard me play others who hadn't.

“Maybe tonight.”

“Are you going nowhere again?”


“Well, I’ll meet you nowhere tonight.” He winked before getting up and heading to the others. I watched him leave, then I saw that my sister was giving me a look. I rolled my eyes before joining them.

Felicity, Viv, Ever and I were back in my room after hanging out with the guys and working on our song list for a long time.

“Natty?” Felicity was laying on her bed watching me. “Where did you go last night?”

Viv and Ever looked at me.

“Nowhere,” I responded. It wasn't a full lie.

“Huh? And was there someone with you?”

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Before you came in last time, I could hear you talking to someone.” She lifted her eyes to me.

“I- uh…”

“Was it Ashton?” she asked.

I tried not to blush.

“It was!” Ever said.

“Tell us everything!” Viv said.

“Nothing happened, I swear. We just talked.”

“Uh, huh,” they all said sarcastically.

“Whatever!” I said, tossing my pillows at them.

“You like him," my sister said.

“I don't know him well enough to like him,” I said.

“Should I bring up Luke, Michael or Calum?” I said looking at each of them.

“Goodnight!” Ever and Viv said, heading towards their door.

“Goodnight!” I said in a sing-song to them.


(Written by KayCee K.)

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