Once Is Never Enough

Never Enough is an all girl rock band who wins the chance to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Four members of the band hit the road. The band is composed of lead singer Ever, lead guitar Vivian, bass guitar Felicity, and drummer Jada. Felicity's older sister Nathalia is sent to watch over them all, but soon the girls need her more then just a babysitter. Can Felicity stay out of trouble? Drama is spilling between each band as the members fall for each other. Soon, fame comes for Never Enough, but with fame comes problems they weren't ready to face. Can Never Enough stand in the world of fame or will they fall apart?


3. Chapter 2 - Felicity - Oh my god really

 Felicity POV 

 My music was blasting as I danced around my room, grabbing clothes and shoes and...really everything. God, I'm so happy. This is finally happening. I mean, we all hoped this would, but we never actually thought it would. I'm living the dream with sisters!! 

 "Felicity Marie White!! Turn down the music!" My mom yelled while hitting my door.

 "Sorry, mom!!" I apologized. 

 "Natty!! Come in here!" I yelled

 A few minutes later she walked in the room. 

 "You know, the yelling is unnecessary," she said, acting irritated. She rolled her eyes and sat on my bed. 

 "Are you finished packing?" I asked.

 "Yes, if you take in to consideration that I haven't started," she laughed. 

 "You are so lazy," I said, and threw a pillow at her. She caught it and fell back. 

 "I know," she groaned. 

 "We leave in two days, I think? Maybe less. Aren't you excited?!?!" I yelled and jumped on the bed. 

 "More than you could ever know. This is you guys' dream. Speaking of that... where's Jade? Is she even going?" she asked 

 "To be honest, I don't even know. She's never here, and she always complains when she is. I don't even know why she's even in the band," I said, rolling my eyes and continuing packing. 

 "Felicity!!" she yelled 

 "What? You know I don't care." I said and shrugged. 

 I heard a bump in the hallway.

 "Sis, NAT!!" I heard Ever yell. 

 "Up here!!" I called. I heard running, and then two girls burst through the door and clambered onto my bed. 

 "Got any more info on the tour?" Viv asked. I went over to my computer and looked at twitter and my email. 

 "Doesn't look like it, but the guys are hella excited to go," I said, and showed them Calum's tweet. 

 So excited to finally see you guys! Can't wait to Rock out with @NeverEnoughBand.


 I'd been avoiding getting out of bed for about and hour then. I sat up and looked at the mess that I call my room. There were clothes everywhere, with shoes and food in random places. I needed to clean before I left, but I was so lazy.

 I groaned as I pulled myself out of bed and started picking up clothes and throwing them in a pile. I cleaned for about an hour and a half, then I finally could see my floor. 



 Just as I finished putting everything in it's place the girls ran in and jumped on my bed. 

 "NOOOOO!!" I yelled and fell to the ground. They all laughed, then suddenly adopted serious looks.

 "What do you want?" I asked and looked at them. 

 "Jade said she can't go," said Ever, giving a small smile. I jumped up and looked at them. 

 "WHAT?!! What are we gonna do now?!!" I asked.

 "Well, we were hoping that you could convince Nat to take her place," Viv said. 

 "We all know how that went last time- she almost passed out," I told them. 

 "Yeah... but we could help. There're ways to overcome stage fright," Ever said. 

 "I'll try... but, just in case, we need to find back up drummer," I opened up my computer and called Nat into my room. 

 She walked in and sat with Ever. 

 "What up, unikitty?" she said.

 "What even is- oh, never mind. Anyway, Jade backed out and she can't go. We need a drummer," I told her. 

 "We leave tomorrow. What the hell?!!" she said with worry and semi-anger.

 "Yes, I know. But Viv and Ever had an amazing idea of you taking her place. We can help you over the issue."

  Nat opened her mouth, speechless. She shook her head.

  "Please, Nat! We need this, and we need you!" I begged. The girls put on puppy faces.

 "Actually, you don't. I have a back up. We'll use her for now," she said and walked out of the room. 

 "Well, we have a drummer, for now...," Ever said. I sighed and slammed my laptop. 

 "What do you say? Shopping?" I asked and they nodded. 


 We all pulled up to the mall and went straight to the food court. Typical me, always hungry.

 "So, you think Ashton will help Nat get over her stage fright?" I laughed. Her face went red. 

 "Stop," Viv whined. 

 "Oh, come on. You know you'll be all over Calum." Ever said 

 "No, I won't. I'm gonna play it cool. Hard to get," I said and sipped my drink. 

 "No, way," Viv rolled her eyes and chuckled.

 "Doubtful. What about you and Calum?" I winked. 

 "Oh, no, she didn't," Ever laughed. 

 "Oh, yea, she went there," Nat laughed. 

 "You have no idea," Viv smiled. 

 We ate and picked on each other, which was the usual for us. Then, we finished we all split into groups and went into what felt like a million stores. 

 I bought new jeans, shorts, glasses, makeup, hair stuff, and other things. I had a lot of bags. We all decided on meeting back up at the car, so I headed that way. 

 When I got there, everyone was sitting on their phones. 

 "Took you long enough," Nat grunted. 

 "Sorry. You know I'm a sucker for shopping," I said, and threw everything in the trunk, then hopped in the car. 

 "You guys staying at our house tonight?" I asked.

 "I'm all for it," Viv agreed. 

 "What about you?" I asked looking at Ever. 

 "Eh, why not?" she said, and I smiled. 

 "YAY! Sleepover!" I yelled. 

 "You are such a girl. This isn't normal," Nat said.  

 "I know, but I'm so excited!!!" I cheered. 

 "Girl, chill. No sugar for you tonight," Ever laughed and calmed me down.


 It was around ten at night, and we were all still watching some random movie on Netflix. 

 "You guys ready for this?" I whispered. 


 "Hell, yeah!" 


 I smiled and lay back and looked at the ceiling. I can't believe my biggest, most outrageous dream was about to come true. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep. Hell, I couldn't sleep. This was going to be a hell of a night.  

 "I can't sleep," I whined. 

 "Well, I can, if. You. Can. Just. Shh," Ever mumbled. 

 "Yeah," Viv agreed. 

 "Guys, shhhhh," Nat groaned. 

 I let out a breath and smiled. Fuck my life.

(Written by Baby.youre.perfect)

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