How to kidnap Michael Clifford

How to kidnap Mikey AKA Michael Clifford
1. get boxes and put a pizza logo on them. If you want him to stay than our real pizza in it.
2. Get a white truck and than out a pizza logo on that too.
3. Stalk Mikey to find out where he is and drive past him.
4. If he doesn't see you honk the horn a bunch until you see him.
5. If he doesn't come up to you say really loudly "oh gee I wish someone would but my pizza, I guess I will have to sell it for free.
6. If he doesn't come shout "HEY
YOU OVER THERE!! Will you buy some pizza? It's for a good cause." And than bat your eyes.
7. Once he comes over to you say "this pizza box sure is heavy" than sigh very loudly and dramatically. And than ask him to come in the truck to help you get it.
8. When he comes in, get out of the truck, lock the door with your keys and put duck tape over the rest of the bands mouths.
9. Get back in the truck and tie a rope a around... Mikey *blushes*
And you have now got yourself a pet Michael Clifford. And even b


2. New chapter

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