Turn off the static sound!!!

Addison and Tasha two beautiful girls who everyone wants to date, ends up dating two of the members of the popular band 5 seconds of summer, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford, they dont want to break up with them but the girls want to dump them for Calum and Ashton!!! What will the boys do to keep their love with Tasha and Addison strong????(aka, Lasha and myself)
read to find out!!!!



By: Addiecat04    or    Addiecat Fouline Jones



Hi everyone, I hope you like mine and lashas books so far, we have been so busy lately, I wanted to make a new book for some random reason, and weird thing is that I don't barely have time for Feeling Unpredictable so, I am so weird like that so, yea! But I hope you like it, me and lasha are having an amazing time writing for you all so, ok, and before you read like a 30 hour intro go to CHAP. 2 for the beginning, sadly I have to go now!!! BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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