Wings: Fallen Into Darkness

I didn't do it! I'm not crazy! They're real! Or am I? Am I a psycho? Was they're deaths really the cause of my hands?
No! I know what I saw! The darkness... It consumes us all. That's was until I was sent to an inform school called Sword & Cross and meet some very interesting people....


2. Sword & Cross

" Are you serious?!" I snapped on my mom," after what you heard, you're seriously still making me go?!"

" I have no say in this Abe!" Mom's worry lines increased as she frowned at me," do you really think I would want you to go to this school after that fire and...."

She bit her lip.

" The tornado?" I eyed her suspiciously.

" Yes," She sighed," I just had a moment honey. Sorry."

" It's ok mom," I studied the marshland as we went by in my mom's jeep.

" I wish you could stay home with me Abe," She let her blonde bangs hand over her face.

This usually meant that she was about to cry. 

I know this because I got it from her.

" Don't cry mom," I regretted snapping on her," it's all going to be alright."

" You promise?" She wiped her face with a sleeve while still keeping her hands on the steering wheel.

" I promise."

She just nods her head as I envied her.

She was about an inch taller than me. She wore a D Cup bra that was actually too tight for her! While I'm over her wearing a B! She was a C Cup when she was my age! She was naturally tan unlike me. I was so pale sadly. She had perfect blonde curls that never looked messy even when she woke up. She had huge Hersey chocolate eyes that I would die to have. Why couldn't I get any of her genes?!

No, instead I had to get my father's......

" Mommy?" Kyle's voice rang out from the back seat," are we there yet?" 

He yawned from his late afternoon nap.

Kyle was my little brother.

Well, half brother anyway.

You see, my mom uh use to get dirty for money if you know what I mean.

And lets just say once day something slipped and BOOM!!!!

She was pregnant.

He had dark red hair and mom's eyes. ( LUCKY!)

Also, he has the cutest freckles!

I love Kyle. Mom and him are the only things I got. Now though, it feels like I'm about to lose them.

Tears burst down my cheeks.

" Why is sissy crying?" Kyle asked worried.

" I'm not crying," I shook my head as I wiped away the tears.

" Then why....?" Kyle didn't get to finish.

" We're here," Mom said as we pulled into parking lot.

" No!" I shook my head like a dumb baby," I'm not ready yet!" 

" You have to go now Abe," Mom put a hand on my shoulder," you're already late as it is."

I just nodded my head as I opened the care door.

Putting my black hood on, I unloaded my bags.

" Do you got everything?" Mom asked.

" Yes mam," I had my suitcases with wheels on the ground, their handles at hand.

" I love you sissy," Kyle squeezed me at the legs.

He was only five years old and very short.

" I love you too Kyle," I bent down and gave him a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the back.

Mom was then the one held me close too her, breathing hard as if she was about to have a heart attack.

" Don't freak out mom," I rolled my eyes at her but then gave her a smile," it's not like I'm gonna die." 

She just gave me a weary smile.

" I guess I should be going then," I walked up to a gate leaving my world behind.



" Finally!" Someone shouted as I entered the building," you're twenty minutes late! And stop twitching!"

I didn't answer back as images formed in my head.

A girl walks in. She sees a guy and a girl. Violet. Beauty. Desire. 

" Didn't you here me?!" The person came up to me.

As I stared, I wonder if this person was a girl or a boy.

" You will call me Randy, and you will respect me?!" She grabbed me by the arm," do you understand!?"
Images started to form causing my twitch to become worse.

And I still don't know if its a boy or a girl yet. Damn.

" Yes Randy," I said just a little bit louder than a whisper.

" Now come on and join the others," She left me," and that's an order."

I followed her to a small group of five kids.

The first one who caught my eyes was a bald girl who was dressed in boys clothing.

The second was a small skinny boy who couldn't still steal for even a second.

The third was a girl was a ghetto girl with the longest nails you would ever see.

The forth was a girl with a cowgirl boots, clothes, and hat on.

The fifth was a boy who also had a hood on like me with a glimpse of a scarf poking out.

I wish this twitching would stop. It's embarrassing!

" Hello everyone," Randy said," we finally can get started. This is..."

" Abe," I told them.

Randy looked irritated.

Oops! Don't want to upset the beast!

Everyone except Randy at the guy with the hood and scarf.

He didn't budge though.

He just stood still and silent.

" I guess we got Abes then?" Randy looked at us five," or is there someone else in the group with the same name?"

They just stared blankly at him/her not really giving a shit.

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