Fly Away


2. The Arrival

As I slowly drifted to sleep, images of blood kept racing through my head. I opened my eyes and sat up. Maybe it was stupid of me to think that I would be able to fall asleep tonight. I heard a light scratching at the door. I took a deep breath and approached the door, walking as lightly as possible. There were whispers from the other side.

"Are you sure he's there? I don't hear much." A rough voice whispered.

"I'm sure." He said. I gasped and climbed out the window right as they picked the lock. I listened as their boots made loud footsteps. I climbed down to the good height and then jumped. After landing on the ground, I dashed into the woods.

It was a cold night, and I tried my best to stay warm. I hoped with all my heart that I hadn't left too much evidence behind. All I had left was a towel that I had used as a blanket. It was okay if I got caught, as long as my family didn't get in trouble. In a perfect world, they wouldn't. But this is reality, and I had to take any steps necessary to protect the ones I love.

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