My Not So Simple Life

This book or Diary is about a 13 year old girl going through 7th grade along with her close friends. That girl would be me. She has so many interesting days and sometimes simple ones. One things for sure though is that her life isn't simple. Read and find out what happens over her year in 7th grade!


11. March 2, 2016

I walked down the hallway to my next period clenching my shirt. I didn't feel so great all day and felt hot. I walked towards Sempai noticing her looking desperate. In front of her was a classmate who had seemed to have tooken her sketchbook. "Give it back!" "Now Ota, if you want it back then you're gonna have to promise me you don't really think this way about yourself," the guy said refusing to hand over the book. "Oh boy," I mumbled turning my gaze into a glare. This guy had used to be an acquaintance, but soon became too annoying to bare. I walked over and caught the two's attention. I looked at what page he was on to find it was the same page I had run into one day. It was a page full of negative things about Sempai that she had written herself. "She doesn't have to do anything for you," I scoffed. "After all, you're the one who appears to be stealing her book," I pointed out. Sempai stopped trying and averted her gaze to the side. "I'm just trying to help her not to do this to herself," the guy said confidentially. "Is that so? Well, for your information, that page was made long ago before you could get your hands on it, it's a thing of the past." "No! Some of these are new," he said pointing to some new words that had not been on there before. "Even so, you shouldn't be butting into other people's business. If she wanted help then she would ask. I doubt that she would ever ask you though. After all, I do know a lot more than you would," I said glaring. The guy stared at me in the eyes as if he had lost. "Ota, just because Kyoko's your friend, I'll give it back," he lied as he handed me the sketch book. I handed the book to Sempai still glaring. I had already felt annoyed and sick enough today. As we sat in class, Sempai looked down as I just minded my own business. "Thanks Kyoko.. You always know the words to say to pound them down," she said smiling a little. "Hmm?" "I'm glad I have a friend like you," she said standing up. It was time for lunch, so I stood as well. "Yea, me too," I said remembering Kawano. We both had our reasons to stick with each other. Mistreatment. Abandonment. Bitterness. Not only cause of this, but because we are just the best if friends. 

                                                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The day was almost over as I walked down the hallway urgently. I needed to return my book as soon as possible due to my busy week at school. I walked down the hallway and heard a familiar voice. "Hey Kyoko," a faint voice called out. I looked to my side to see one of my classmates from one of my class periods. "Oh, hey Hase.." He was a student that I had known of since sixth grade. I wasn't exactly friends with him, but tried to be nice to him since then. He tried pretty hard to fit in with everyone at school, but always somehow failed. A lot of people I knew found him annoying, including Sempai. However, I didn't find him that annoying. I saw how hard he would try to fit in and try to be cool and felt sympathy for him. Even if he followed Sempai and I silently, I would know he was only trying to tag along in hope of talking to us. I continued walking beside Hase in silence. "I've missed you," he said quietly. Now that I think of it, he never attended lunch, class period with Sempai and I anymore. "Y-yea," I said realizing how awkward yet bittersweet the words had been. "I'm going to turn my books in," I said veering off to the library. "Okay," he said glumly. I walked into the library and sighed. "Hey there Kyoko," the librarian greeted. "Hey," I said setting my books down. "Here to turn these in?" "Yea. I'll also be getting new ones." "Sure. You sure do finish these books quickly," she said scanning them. "What's my fee?" "Fifty cents." "What? I thought it would be a dollar," I said holding my little pouch with money in it. I then remembered that Sempai had a fee too that her mom wasn't in liking of. "Can I pay a friend of mines fee too?" "Sure, what's her code?" "Uhh... Nine, eight, seven, three and two." "It's thirty cents." I handed her a dollar moments later getting two dimes back. "I counted the days I had not turned it in and it was ten days, so why did it cost fifty cents?" "Oh! Because I had not been in the library some days. I like to be fair with my costs," she said smiling. "Now quickly get your book to check out!" I went over to the shelves knowing exactly what book I needed. I quickly grabbed it and checked it out. "Have a good day!" "You too," I said back to her as I walked out. I walked outside only moments later to find out that we had to walk home today. "Well I know Nonaka wont be saving us today.." Momo and I started to walk home in silence. "Can I play the computer when we get home?" "No." "Why?" "You're grounded, remember?" "Well, Mom technically said we could play on special occasions," Momo said starting to twist words around. "No. You know you're not supposed to play. Also, we need to clean the restroom as soon as we get home." "Ugh!" "Don't whine," I said annoyed. "Walking home agitates me as well.." Suddenly, a car pulled up beside us. Can I give you guys a ride home?" I recognized the driver quickly. It was my little brother's teacher at the elementary school, also being his friends mom. Though she wasn't our teacher, I thought I could easily trust her. "Maybe.. I need to call my mom about it first," I replied. I called my mom and explained to her the situation and got her permission. "Come on in," the teacher said smiling. I got in along with Momo and rode home. "Thank you for taking us home," I said getting out of the truck. "No problem." "I'm glad my little brother has your son as a friend. He seems to enjoy him," I added remembering seeing the two happily together. "Yea. He's having a bit of a hard time because he heard you guys might move soon. He was like, what am I gonna do without my best friend?" "Yea," I said remembering the fact I might never get to attend high school with my friends. We both said bye and went our separate ways. As Momo and I walked up to the house, he added a comment. "I have a lot friends.." "Not really." "Machi doesn't have as much friends as I do." "At least he has actual friends."

                                                               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Momo and helped out Mom a bit before starting the restroom. However, Momo kept procrastinating. Once I had gotten him to start with me, I decided to tell him what to do since he kept waiting to listen. After a few minutes, we became too annoyed with each other and started to fight. Momo shoved me as I stood in the restroom waiting for him to start cleaning. "It's your fault for waiting so long!" "You never let me play devises," he said shoving me into the wall. I shoved him back onto the door. He then hit me with one of the cleaning supplies. "You want to fight?" "Of course not," I said shoving him aside. "I have more important things to do other than fighting you, so you can clean this place yourself." I made my way to my room tense. Momo and I had a great relationship most of the time, but when his aggressive and unreasonable side comes, we totally annoy each other. We don't always fight like this, not a lot either. We even called ourselves twins because of our close age and looks, but today wasn't the day to be friendly. I lay on my bed rubbing my head. I'm so tired..

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