My Not So Simple Life

This book or Diary is about a 13 year old girl going through 7th grade along with her close friends. That girl would be me. She has so many interesting days and sometimes simple ones. One things for sure though is that her life isn't simple. Read and find out what happens over her year in 7th grade!


13. March 14, 2016

That time of year has come where it rains often and plants begin to bloom. Spring break is one of my favorite breaks, but this year wasn't the right time for me. I have nothing to do at all besides coming up with common things others would do. Sure i love to play video games a lot, but for some reason I'm not in the mood for games. So far I've been drawing and sleeping this whole time. I wake up, eat, draw, and then go back to sleep. I've done this up to today. I'm looking to do something with my spring break, so I decided to hang out with my mom. We watched T.V and I even played the piano while she sang along. It all led up to my mom idea of cooking. It seemed like a good idea since Alex was gone with Hashimoto to his apartment. It would only be my parents, two little siblings, and I. My dad came home later with the meat and things like that. I stood by the stove looking at the two pans my mom and I were going to use. I was never a good cook, in fact, I always burnt the pizza. "Mom, you sure I can learn to cook steak and steak rice?" "Yea," she said positively. I looked at the meat thinking how crazy this might turn out. "Start off with putting butter in the pan," she said pointing to my butter. "Put those two in the pan." "That's a lot of butter.." munites later we turned to the meat. "I want you to season these with the seasoning I gave you," she said handing me a piece of steak. "Okay," I said a little uneasy. I began to season it when I realized I put a little too much. "Hold it like this," my mom said showing me how I should hold the seasoning. "Oh, okay." This teaching went on until I knew what to do. I took another piece of steak and seasoned it and gently aid it down into my pan with butter. I then began to season the other side. "Nice," my mom commented. "Thanks, I think I'm going to take a cooking class in high school." "Cool! I hear it's very fun to cook for class." "Yea," I agreed. I wanted to be able to cook well enough to impress  my family one day. After all, my older sister was no longer living with us to cook often.. I shook the thought away trying to concentrate on cooking.

                                                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I poured drinks for my siblings and parents and gave them their plates. Although my mom had cooked with me, she had wanted me to hand the food out since it was my first time cooking steak and steak rice. I sat down as my family began to pray for our food. Once we had finished, we all began to eat. Everyone had started off with their steak while I drank my drink first. I then looked around the table realizing how small it seemed. Soon, my other older brother, Alex, would graduate and maybe move out, just like my other brother and sister. Now only sat my two little sibling brothers and my parents. Once Alex leaves, it will leave me as the elder child. I wouldn't feel too empty though; Alex always has stayed in his room most of the time, leaving me to take care of watch over the other two brothers most of the time and to take charge. I closed my eyes and began to eat my steak. It tasted of seasonings I would not have thought would have tasted good. My mom and dad looked over at me curiously. "Does it taste good," they both asked. "Yea, why?" "Well, since last week until now, you never really ate." "Oh yea.. I just didn't have a big appetite for some reason.." I continued to eat thinking to myself. Why did I not want to eat? Ever since last week, I haven't felt like eating at all. It was weird because I would at least eat ramen or something, but I didn't eat anything but one bowl of oatmeal for dinner most of the time. Not that it's little, but it's considered very little and unormal to my parents. I never ate a lot, but I have never had the urge not to eat at all before. "Well, make sure to eat your whole meal, okay?" "Okay," I said. 

                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The day had been longer than usual and I had missed my bed. I slumped on my bed and began to get sleepy. Just when I was about to fall asleep, I remembered something. "Oh yea.." I looked over at my phone on the floor. "Kawano...."

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