My Not So Simple Life

This book or Diary is about a 13 year old girl going through 7th grade along with her close friends. That girl would be me. She has so many interesting days and sometimes simple ones. One things for sure though is that her life isn't simple. Read and find out what happens over her year in 7th grade!


1. February 9, 2016

    If people at my school found out I had my own diary, then their whole perspective of me would change... You see, I'm not the kind of person to be cheerful around random people I don't really know, and I mostly don't like to admit I have a diary, but I need to get some things out of my system.. Anyway, my name is Kyoko. I go to middle school in seventh grade just like any other ordinary teenager. However, my life isn't very simple when I really think about it. I have many unusual friends and am even unusual myself. I like to keep to myself when it comes to school work and home activities. I guess you could call me a shut-in based on what I usually do. School, work, home, work, self hobbies, chores, you get the point. My hobbies are very artistic. I like to draw anime, manga, make my own manga books, play my keyboard, video games, and to write. I have other hobbies, but those are my main ones. I have a few friends that I call "The Group." We don't have a name for us, so we just say "The Group." Since last year, many others have joined the group. I'm kind of sad about one of my friends who doesn't consider himself in the group, but it's fine  I guess. The main people in the group are Shiro, Nonaka, Kondo, Kawano, Ota, Neo, and Tobe. Shiro is a guy with pretty long dirty blond hair. He's very social to almost anyone. He even hugs strangers, but that's just Shiro's personality. He some how gets me to open up around him, but since we're such good friends, it's pretty normal. Nonaka is another guy friend that is very nice. He seems very normal, but he has a lot of pets. I'm not to judge him though, because I have many pets myself. He is one of those good friends of mine that I find comfortable to be around as well. Kando is a short guy that I find amusing and cute at times. Not like I like him cute, but adorable because he's small. He is the kind that gets hugs from everyone and can be in a bad mood at times. He's a good friend though. He was a pervert last year, but he changed. Kawano is my friend that I have known since about fifth grade. She's not the best friend you could have, but I'm her only real friend she can turn to because all of her other friends are fake and turn on her easily. It has happened twice before, but she keeps following them again like an idiot. I can't stand it.. Anyway, Ota is my friend that fills in for Kawano's absents. She and I have many things in common and like to write stories for each other. Kawano has nothing in common with me, but some how we are friends. Ota is the more reliable friend and we have each other's back. Sometimes I wish Kawano was like that.. Then again, it makes me the bigger person. Neo is a recently new member of the group ever since the glow in the dark party. I'll tell more about that later.. He is stubborn towards teachers at times and it make him really amusing. Everyone happens to be acquainted to him, so we all decided to let him join. Tobe is a friend I have know since fourth grade. He was my first actual friend when I first moves here, so we have a pretty long history. He is a good friend, but sometimes is awkward. I don't mind it though. It's Tobe after all! This is the group at the moment. I've known all of them since last year except for Kawano and Tobe. These are my friends.... And then there's me. A small black haired 13 year old that fits in along with this group. I hang out with this group because I like to be friends with a certain amount of people and be isolated to a group. Like I said, I'm not a social butterfly. That's just who I am. That's about the most important things you should know about my life if you're reading this. Not so simple though is it? At first glance it may be, but you would be totally wrong. It's getting late.. I should get to brushing my teeth and to bed by now... Guess I'll continue this tomorrow....

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