My Not So Simple Life

This book or Diary is about a 13 year old girl going through 7th grade along with her close friends. That girl would be me. She has so many interesting days and sometimes simple ones. One things for sure though is that her life isn't simple. Read and find out what happens over her year in 7th grade!


8. February 23, 2016

I sat in class with Sampia and listened to her talk as I worked. "I just don't think I deserve to have a friend like you Kyoko! I'm such a bad person. I'm selfish, unclean, dumb, an-" "Sampia," I said closing the book."Quit lying to yourself.. You're none of those things and it doesn't take a lot to be my friend. I don't care if you ask for a favor or candy, seriously. It annoys me how you think of yourself like this." "But, it's true!" "No it's not. Even if it was, I wouldn't judge you," I said sighing. "Do me a solid and quit lying to yourself like this." "A solid?" "You don't know how that is used?" "Not really.." "It's like saying, do me a favor," I answered getting back to my work. "Now, start doing your work or you'll be left alone in this grade," I said pointing at her book still doing my work. "See! I'm so dumb and always need your help!" "That's kind of what I'm good at when it comes to friends that are girls. It's my job to take care of you like I did to Kawano." "Says who?" "I took it upon myself to care for you two, but Kawano is slowly drifting away from me, so I'm only caring for you at the time being." "Hmmph... You always win these arguments," Sampai mumbled as I smiled slightly down as I worked. "You got that right," I said mockingly to Sanpai.

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