My Not So Simple Life

This book or Diary is about a 13 year old girl going through 7th grade along with her close friends. That girl would be me. She has so many interesting days and sometimes simple ones. One things for sure though is that her life isn't simple. Read and find out what happens over her year in 7th grade!


4. February 12, 2016

Whatever events held at school, having to do with valentines day, is considered my valentines day. I walked into the cafeteria greeted by all my friends and hugged by them. After we had dropped our stuff off at our seats, we decided to go get breakfast before security kicked us out again. As we stood in line, we playfully talked and hung out. At some point, Shiro tapped me for my attention."Yea?" "Here," he said handing me a red heart shaped lolly pop. I looked down at it and then at Shiro."Aww, thank you Shiro," I said thankfully. It was so sweet of him to get lolly pops. I hugged him and we all continued our days. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Hey Kyoko, are you dating Shiro? No, I'm not dating him. You might be asking yourself why, but I have a reason as to why I'm not dating him. I'm not allowed to date until I'm older, and when I say older, I mean when I'm moved out of the house. My mom has certain rules that I always follow. Every time a guy asks me out, I tell him "Sorry, I'm not allowed to date," in a sorry like way. "Why don't you date in secret?" When they ask this, which most of them do, I snap. I hate it when they ask that like it's not big deal to date in secret. "I'd feel way to guilty and I know it's wrong! I'm not going to lose my parents trust on a guy who may not even last very long," I would usually reply. "I'm flattered, but sorry..." This is almost what happened every time I was asked out. The only ones who never asked that stupid question was the guys in my group who had used to have a crush on me. Nanoko asked and I kindly passed, same with Kondo and Tobe. With Shiro though, he never really asked because the other guys gave him a heads up. One day, about three week after I had met him, he admitted his feelings for me and also admitted that he planned to ask me out, but that he coudln't really take my rejection if he hadn't known. Shiro is a really nice guy and one of the guys I actually like a lot. I understood him and he respected my parents rules. We decided to just be really good friends, but Shiro can be over protective when I'm around guys that like me. Jealousy? Anyway, I was really happy to have the lolly pop for valentines day. 

                                                                    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lunch came by and our history teacher let us go to seventh grade lunch since we have to go to sixth grade lunch for her. Also, she wanted us to check if we had a crushagram. All week, the office had been selling crushagrams so people could give their treat to their crush. I hadn't been too hopeful about getting one because I already liked Shiro and had a lolly pop from him. Also, I wasn't really aware of anyone who may have liked me this year. I just enjoyed lunch and laughed with Nanoko, fantasizing about if he got a lot of crushagrams. After that lunch we started to go back to our class, only to find they were going to check if they had a crushagram after using the restroom. I stood by the wall and talked to Senpai as we waited for the people in the restroom."I don't think I got a crushagram Kyoko... Only you would give me a crushagram if you had money." "Don't down grade yourself Senpai. Who knows though, you might get one from your ex-boyfriend," I said trying to cheer her up. She always thinks negative about herself. "Hehe, yea,but I don't really think so. I think you may have gotten one though." "Why? I don't know anyone who might like me." "But, Shiro might have gotten you something just because." I looked down feeling kind of weird. These crushagrams can really mess up a person and make them feel bad. I looked up at Senpai and told her it's okay. "I doubt I got one, and those crushagrams don't matter. You have a group of friends!" "Your right Kyoko, it really doesn't matter," Senpai agreed. I smiled at Senpai, but then heard a guy behind Senpai mumbling to others."The only person I would think got a crushagram, is Kyoko...." I looked away, feeling nervous inside. I didn't want to be looked at like a person that was pretty or super popular with the guys. When we had checked if we got a crushagram, none of us got one. I flow of relief flowed over me again. We were about to go back to class, when the teacher noticed that some of our students were missing. She told us to stay at the bench by the library while she looked for the students who had run off. Senpai and I sat on the benches having a conversation, when all of a sudden, Kawano comes over."Hey!" "Hey," I said in a low chill voice."Watcha doin'?" "Waiting for the teacher," Senpai and I replied. It's hard to act like friends towards Kawano, my elementary friend, since she had changed and never really hung out with me much anymore. It was all because of her so called friends. The worst girls she could ever friend, or hang out with. Inside my head, I glared at Kawano. I didn't hate her, but I has upset at how many times she had become friends with them after they had turned their backs on her. Whenever, they did turn their backs on her, Kawano would come running back to me and tell me what happened. Once, I had decided to not be her friend anymore, but she came back saying how sorry she was and that the girls turned their backs on her. I looked down at her and couldn't abandon her like that. Even though she was a total idiot to be friends with them again after the first time. I only had my good friend last for a week though... She became "friends" with them again and now is a total different person. You could say she's a follower and a fake person when she's around them. Kawano had left shortly after our short greeting and walked away. I had looked at her seriously and thought so many things."Kyoko? You okay?" "Oh.. Sorry Senpai... I'm fine," I said looking off to the side. I guess I should continue my day at schoool...

                                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

I looked around and noticed that there were a lot of people outside for this dumb parade. Suddenly, someone hugged me tightly in their arms."Kyoko!" "Hey Shiro.." "What's wrong?" "Nothing.. I just hate being outside, and this parade looks stupid..." "I does doesn't it?" I nodded. Shiro let me down and as I looked at him I realized something. Fwump! "K-Kyoko," Shiro said surprised."What's wrong?" "I realized I didn't get you anything for valentines day," I said as I hugged him. My face was buried into his jacket and we had a moment."It's fine Kyoko, really." Shiro replied gently. Suddenly, a sixth grader came up and started gawking."Awww... Are you two dating," he asked curiously. Shiro and I both looked back and replied. "No." I let go of Shiro and turned around to see the parade starting. As I had predicted, it was a stupid parade.. The only actual performers were some cheerleaders and they looked like they were in stripper clothes."Umm," Shiro said looking away."All they're doing is walking in stripper clothes," he said blushing a little."It's really stupid..." "You said it," I agreed. The parade continued and we decided to walk along with the crowd. I got lost a few times and had to find Senpai."I was looking for you! You're like a lost child,"Senpai said grabbing my wrist. She dragged me through the crowd to an empty area. As we were walking past the crowd, I noticed my brother on the ground trying to get a piece of candy. A fat girl then stepped on his back on took the candy. "Gggggrrgh!" "It's mine! Mine," she yelled as she ran away. My school is an insane school so you know. Once Senpai had led me out of the crowd, we stood in the empty field. "Achoo!" "Awww! Kyoko, you sneeze like a kitten!" I looked up at Senpai sniffling. I made a miserable face. Shiro arrived and took a look at me."What's wrong Kyoko?" "Yea," Senpai asked too."I told you, I hate being outside...." "Allergies?" "Yea I said wiping my nose. The field was full of grass pieces in the air. We made our way inside once the parade was done and went back to class. I was glad to be back in the school with clean grass free air. Once last period ended, we all dismissed. When I got to the stairs, I noticed that Senpai wasn't there. "Anyone seen Senpai?" "No," Shiro and Nanoko replied. The teachers started getting on to us, so we went downstairs. We said our goodbyes and went to our dismissal area. Shiro came along with me to the front of the school since he had his bus nearby. We hung our a little and then said bye. "Bye! Oh wait." Shiro came up to me and hugged me. I averted my eyes."Shiro.. I told you I was gonna limit the hugs this morning..." "Why though?" "I wanted to make it more special," I mumbled. Shiro let go and looked down at me. He then hugged me again, but buried his face on my shoulder and rubbed. I stood there trying not to blush, even though I didn't know how to. His sudden hug was new and different. I then realized that shortening the amount of hugs wont change how special it is.. It's how he hugs me that makes it special. Shiro let go of me and smiled."See you later, Kyoko," he said walking off. I looked off to the side and noticed my brother was making a face."What?" He just looked at me and raised his eyebrows amusingly. I pushed him and continued waiting for our ride. Shiro had shown me something I didn't know in a very effecting way for the first time...

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