A Ballad for Death

A compilation of the first 500 poems I ever wrote.
I write in my free time accross different styles and themes, sometimes there are reasons to what I write and sometimes there are not, but I always try to follow my inspiration.


471. Let go

Let me fall towards the void

And alone I shall find my route,

I wish that I could wish wings and sprout

But sadly, I, being a mere android,

Let me float off to yonder,

Around the world over mountains,

Wish into wells and old fountains,

I will discover lost wonders!

Let me drift through the years

And let time be time again

For eventually must stain

The white silk of my fears,

Let me run into the woods

And race blindly among trees

Where deep breaths instantly freeze

And glaze sunshine on my moods,

Let me listen to the earth

And its melody of grounds

As it slowly dances to the sounds

Of a hundred, and one birth,

Let me go to this nowhere

Where ware worth is worse for wear,

Let me go to this somewhere

Where we were just now I swear.

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