A Ballad for Death

A compilation of the first 500 poems I ever wrote.
I write in my free time accross different styles and themes, sometimes there are reasons to what I write and sometimes there are not, but I always try to follow my inspiration.


378. From A to Z

Amber could keep my being from ever feeling lost

Both in heart and in mind but, my dear, at what cost?

Challenging the heavens, that which is called fortune,

Defying the wide world, not dancing to its tune,

Endlessly going forth and writing your own fate

Freeing body and soul from this low, earthly state,

Granting yourself power to achieve what you seek,

Hear carefully my friend for it comes not with ease,

It is a timeless quest born long before the Greek,

Jealousy of the gods bringing us to our knees,

Know life will tear you down, happiness has a price,

Lucky are those who have looked upon it but thrice;

Maybe you shall succeed on the first of your tries,

No one can say for sure, but maybe you shall fail,

Oh my friend keep your hope and listen to your cries

Perhaps you shall find strength where you see yourself frail,

Quivering in the cold; a lion lives inside,

Roaring deep in your heart, you do not have to hide,

Stand you ground, lift you chin, look ahead with a smile,

Though life is not all kind it is worth the effort,

Unknown and long the road and hardest the first mile,

Veer off but keep your course and hide not in this fort

Which you have built around yourself for all these years,

X marks the spot; listen, the call to adventure!

You must answer at once, jump through the aperture,

Zero doubts in your heart, oh let go of your fears…

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