Half Breeds

HI! So this is part of a story that I am writing with my friends and I would like your opinions! If you guys like it I will add the other chapters that we have if it is okay with my friends! XD "So we'll be updating it every Friday/Thursday it all depends!" Gallagher_Girl


6. Chapter 6



After a few minutes, another girl with white hair came down and walked towards the field where she sat down and then laid on the grass. The bell rang for lunch to end. I was getting my things out for my favorite class mechanics. I hurried down the hall dodging people so I didn’t break Reiko’s camera lens even more. As usual I was the first one into the classroom.  

Mrs. Yumi allows me to help other students with their projects and when she’s gone I teach the class for her. I do different projects from the rest of the students because it’s too easy for me. So I grabbed a new lens from the spare parts closet and set to work. by the time everyone else got in I finished the camera lens and was now drawing up a blueprint for a dollhouse for Katsuki’s little sister. She is technically my only friend other than Akira.

    Katsuki is the co president for the mechanics club, but she likes to advise people on the right tools, or colors on their projects. She walked in just as I started the inside of the house. “Wow, that looks great.” Katsuki said looking over my shoulder

    “Thanks. Do you think your sister is going to like it?” I asked looking at her as she sat down.

    “Don’t worry she’s going to love it.” She assured me. The rest of the class I helping other kids with their projects. I had one class left science. Mr. _____ the teacher likes me fine. Akira walked in the door and sat down in front of me. We didn’t talk much but at the end of class i gave her Reiko’s camera.

    The bell rang for us all to go home. While I walked calmly down the halls while everyone scrambled to get to their lockers. I opened my locker grabbed my tablet, some books and put them in my satchel. Then headed outside to the my truck, I got in and started it and headed home.  As soon as I got home I through my things on the couch, except for my camera and ran outside with Autumn and Star. When we got deeper in the forest I changed into my wolf form.

    Star and Autumn were used to this so they stayed calm. I barked at them and then we hurtled off into the woods. We reached a meadow were I transformed back to a human. It’s a good day to take pictures.  I stayed at the meadow for a long time. By the time I started to leave the sun was setting and turning the meadow golden.

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