Half Breeds

HI! So this is part of a story that I am writing with my friends and I would like your opinions! If you guys like it I will add the other chapters that we have if it is okay with my friends! XD "So we'll be updating it every Friday/Thursday it all depends!" Gallagher_Girl


4. Chapter 4


    Zephyra and I kind of avoided each other for the rest of the day. Not because we were mad, but because we just needed some time to figure out what to say to other. Eventually, lunch rolled around, right after I had Literacy. I have a specific place that I sit: the tree in the middle of the school courtyard. I walked out the cafeteria doors and walked up to my tree. I never ate school lunch when I could make some delicious food by myself. As I was climbing up, I heard something. There is someone up there! Someone is in my tree! I advanced higher and finally reached the top. Sitting where I usually sat was Zephyra. Her back was to me.

    “You’re in my tree,” I said, flustered. She jumped, nearly falling off the branch.

    “Oh! I am terribly sorry! It’s just that the wind is really nice up here!” she turned. “Akira! Oh thank goodness it’s you! I wanted to apologize for earlier today. I didn’t mean to make you-” I cut her off.

    “Zephyra, it’s fine. You just took me off guard, that’s all.”

    “Are you sure? It’s seemed like it was more than just being caught off guard.”

    “Seriously. Don’t worry about it. It’s really not that big of a deal.”

    “If you say so,” she said, obviously frustrated. I probably didn’t give the answer she wanted to hear. “Do you want me to get down?” I nodded, kind of embarrassed. She gathered her lunch, which looked like she ate most of it already, and climbed down. I saw her walk towards the grass field and sit down. After she sat there for a while, she laid down in the grass. I sighed, and slowly let my wings out. I love my wings; they are red with golden flecks. Now, when most people think of a phoenix, they think orange, right? Well I hate orange. I guess my mom, Mercury, did too.

    I stretched my wings out, knowing that the leaves of the tree is thick enough that no one will see. I ate my food in silence, savoring every bite. When I was finished, I folded in my wings and used my pendant to make them vanish from sight. I climbed down, and nearly stepped on Myra, who is my only friend. She likes to eat at the base of the tree.

    “Oh. Hi, Myra. I have something for you,” I said casually.

    “Well, what is it?” I pulled out a camera from my black leather satchel. It had a broken lens, and Myra is the only person I know that can fix it quickly and efficiently. I handed it over to her and she rolled it around in her hands for a second.

    “Can you fix it? Reiko needs it to go on a photo shoot later this week.” I asked, hoping to get a good answer.

    “Of course I can fix it! It’s just a lens!” Myra rolled her eyes and smiled.

    “Thanks. You’re the best,” I told her thankfully. She nodded and started to collect her things.

    “See you around!” Myra walked off in the direction of the school. I looked at my watch. 11:58? Already? It feels like I’ve only been outside for a matter of minutes! I hurriedly walked to the school, determined not to be late for my next class: French. I was about to enter the main doors when someone walked out in front of me. We fell down and my necklace was ripped off. No! I looked at who had knocked me down. It was Kurai. I saw a look of shame and embarrassment in his eyes.

    “I am so sorry Akira! It’s totally my fault; I wasn’t looking where I was going!” he said guiltily. I was getting shaky. My necklace held my powers, and soon enough my wings will become visible. I go out of control.

    “It’s…..fine. Would you please-” I cringed. “Would you grab my necklace?” He immediately picked it up and handed it to me. I put it back around my neck and started to relax.

    “I hope you’ll forgive me. I should have been paying better attention.” he said, obviously trying to be as cool as possible.

    “No biggie,” I replied. I started to pick up my things. “Well, I should really get going. See you around?”

    “Yeah. Definitely.” There was some weird look in his eyes now. A look that I had never come across. For some reason, it made me feel….extra warm inside. I waved and walked slowly towards my next class, science, thinking about what had just happened between me and Kurai.


    I actually managed to get to class on time, unlike math. I took my seat and unloaded my supplies. When I eventually looked up, I saw Leiko glaring across the room at me, obviously hating me because I didn’t do her dumb homework for her. When Mr. _____ walked into the room, she immediately turned around and plastered a fake smile on my face. Typical. I got my science homework out on my desk so it would be ready to be collected. I sighed and prepared myself for the rest of class, aware of Myra’s eyes watching me from behind.


    When school eventually ended, I headed straight home. I went into my living room and plopped down on my soft, black couch. I turned on the TV and had to get up to make some tonkatsu out of the options I had in the fridge. My cat, Ishira, rubbed against my legs. She is a wonderful cat, with her fire-like fur. Her and Spark, a hedgehog, are both animals that I adopted from the animal shelter. I opened the back door to the gate-surrounded garden and went and found Spark wandering around in a patch of peonies. I gently bent down to pick him up and carried him into the house. I think that it is best that he is outside rather than inside. There are technically more hazards in a home than there are in a garden surrounded by a gate. I even have a glass roof over the top so no birds are swooping in.

*Not quite Finished"

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