3AM - A horror story


1. 3AM

She was walking through the dark and cold alley. The clock had hit midnight a few hours ago, but it was first now she felt the urge to go home after a long night out with her friend Ann. She always wore dark and covering clothes, because she did not like to be an attention seeker or called a slut. Those were the words that had haunted her since she met Ann. Ann was different and very outgoing. Those words was put on Ann many times, so from the day she met her, she would not change her style to Ann’s.

As she went down the alley, the rain started to pouring down. She sighed and pulled her hoodie over her head within seconds. The tips of her shoulder length hair got wet from the rain, but she did not care. Ann would have panicked, she thought and grinned. Sometimes it was just great to get away from everything for a while, plus she felt like it was a bad habit now and then. Going partying with Ann and her friends might not be the greatest idea, they was not the right company for her. She knew that, but no other person would spend time with a loner.

Quickly she reached home. The rain was hitting on the windows, she could already hear it from the street. She reached down for the keys in her pocket and opened up the mailbox without looking at her surroundings.

She heard a sound near her. It was something moving, but she did not mind to find out what it was. She never was the typical type to be scared to death, not even cracking noises would scare her.

There was nothing in the mailbox, as she peeked inside of it. She quickly closed and locked it again, now going towards her house. Again, the noise of something moving appeared again, but not even this time she would look back. It was probably just a squirrel or something, she thought and reached closer towards the door.

Ahem,” something said behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes opened wide. Chills went down her neck, back and traveled along her arms. Even though her jacket was warm and actually quite cosy, she went dead cold in her body. This time the noises scared her. They were weird and mysterious.

“Hello?” she called out. No answer. Of course no one would answer me. There is no one, she thought and started walking shakily up to the door. She stuck the key hole and turned it, unlocking the door. She glimpsed behind her as she entered the house. Nothing.

She threw her shoes off, shoving some of the others to the side. She did not really care, though. The same happened to the cosy jacket. It was thrown on the ground beside her flat shoes.

She breathed out as she turned towards the door, to close it. Her hand grabbed the door handle and she was closing it. A sound of a heavy footstep was heard close to her. She looked behind her shoulder, suddenly extremely scared. She could not see anything in the darkness, neither feeling anything strange beside those noises. She pushed the door closed, or almost. Something stopped it. She looked down to the ground.

Dark, gross and watery mud was covering a boot, which was placed to stop the door.

She looked up from the ground and a pair of black eyes covered in dark circles appeared in the open crack of the door. She was pushed back by the door being slammed back at her. The sound of the stomping of two feet, froze her veins.

A grin so evil and a man so scary walked closer to her. Ha had a heavy breathing, which scared her even more.

“W-who are you?” she asked, holding back her tears.

“The last person you will ever meet.” he answered.

“What?” She was confused.

The sweat started to drool down her forehead, as the man came closer to her. He started to laugh. Deep, scary and devilish. It made her unclear in the head.

“You heard me-” he laughed. “Goodnight little princess.”


Suddenly she woke up, covered in sweat. Her eyes was wet from tears. She quickly reached out for her phone and checked the clock. 3am..

“Oh god,” she whispered. I am never going to walk home alone, she thought and sighed.

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