Just One More Day

*Possible trigger warning*
This is written from the perspective of a woman in a story long since abandoned, but my attachment to it still lingers. Her country was ravaged by war and her husband soon became a casualty of it, and pretty soon she lost all willingness to carry on. But she finds her strength in her young daughter, and realises that love is stronger than fear.


1. ...

Tie me up

Skin me alive

It's better than being

So caught up inside


Dreams turn to shadows

Of all I once knew

Rattling the cage of my heart

Is the memory of you


So numb within

Hooked on the past

Clinging to the hope

That this pain won't last


Everything once pure

Is so cold to the touch

I could never imagine

That it would hurt this much


Monochrome skies

And stripped away fields

Remind me of the scars

Condemned to never heal


My own defeated mind

Is a hand around my neck

I struggle to remember

Why this is for the best


Choking on darkness

Stumbling in the rain

Wondering, where is the good

In ever loving again?


I battle on in vain

To keep the end at bay

But the only thing I want

Is to take it all away


But I hold on for her

To who I can't say goodbye

While there's still hope shining

In those little green eyes


So I'll keep fighting for peace

Trying to find another way

And strive to see the sun

If just for one more day

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