Nightshade Series: My BIG Smile (Book 1)

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1. Nightshade



Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Blue/Magenta

Height: 5’4

Weight: 130 lbs.

Skin Size & Color: Pale, Average size, skinny

October 9th, 1998: A pair of young women in Iron Mountain, Michigan, in the United States gave birth to two lovely children. One’s name was Jeffery Daniel Woods and the other was Anya Marie Solovieff. Anya was a baby born at 11:58:00 p.m. and Jeffery was born at 11:59:59 p.m. With Anya, her mother didn’t want her so she gave her to her wonderful father, Daniel. Jeffery, on the other hand, had two loving parents to take care of him. Both kids settled down in Menominee, Michigan where they were raised for a good period of their lives.

17 Years Later… The two children moved to Burbank in two very close neighborhood. Just before the first day of the new school year, Anya called Jeff on the phone. His mom picked up.

“Hi! How are you, Mrs. Woods? How was the move?”

“Why hello Anya. I am excellent and the move isn’t really done until the boxes are unpacked, Anya.” Mrs. Woods laughed a bit before continuing, “I’m assuming you’d like to talk to my son?”

“Yes, that’s indeed why I’m calling.” She blushed behind the phone because little did they know but she was in love with Jeff, she swore.

“Jeffery!” She heard Mrs. Woods shout.

“What do you want, woman?” Jeff shouted with his normal cocky tone.

“Anya wants to talk to you.” She heard the footsteps go down the stairs, he naturally stomped when he was in a rush. “Oh! Give it here!” She blushed a deeper red as he said that. “Hi Anya!”“H-Hi Jeff. How are you?”

“Nervous about this new school… How about you?”

“I’m great, couldn’t be more excited.” She said sweetly. She heard the door slam as he was probably locking himself in his room.

“How are you liking the new house?”

“I love it! It’s by far the coolest house ever. Wanna come over?”

“Sure, just let me ask my dad.” She pressed the phone to her chest and began to bounce up and down excitedly. "Daaaddy..."

"What do you want?"

"I love you..."

"What are you sucking up for now?"

"Can I go to Jeff's house, pleeeeease?"

"I suuuposee." He said going back to playing on his computer. She skipped out the door with the phone.

"I'm going to be there in two minutes." She set the phone on the console and walked out.

~Time Skip~

The next day, the first day of school, Anya walks to the bus stop. There Liu, David, and Jeffery all stood waiting for the bus. David was the stereotypical goth, Liu was your bad boy from Grease, and Jeff, he was the not so stereotypical nice guy. She continued to look at Jeff's light brown hair, white hoodie, and jeans. He was just as cute as she had remembered. Then these three guys walked over and Jeff did the unexpected, he punched one of them! The next day I saw the cops go to Jeff's and haul Liu away. Wait a minute, didn't Jeff hit the guy? I thought but shrugged it off. The next week was Anya's birthday party. She wore a pink ball gown and a silver tiara and Jeff knocked on her door, but the school bullies grabbed his hair and began to beat on him. All I could do was scream. As they dumped the alcohol on Jeff's face, she went over and tugged on one of the guy's arms.

"Is this really necessary at MY birthday? I mean seriously leave the poor guy alone!"

"Oh. Cinderella's trying to protect her prince..." She slapped him in the face. Jeff was rubbing his eyes and then he looked up at Anya.

"I said, leave him alone!" One of the guys struck a match and lit him on fire.

"HELP! SOMEONE GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!" Jane Arkensaw ran down the stairwell with a fire extinguisher but tripped and fell hitting herself on the head. The Solovieffs called 9-1-1 and Jane and Jeff were escorted to the hospital while the bullies were thrown in a mental institution. Around 3 hours later, the Solovieffs went to visit Jeff in the hospital.

"Hi Jeff." Anya said walking in, his face was covered in a white bandage and the doctor was beginning to take it off. "Hi... Anya." He said dragging out his first word. His voice seemed quite raspy but she expected that, seeming how the bullies lit his face and neck on fire, she could've suspected that his voice box was somewhat damaged. The doctors pulled off the bandage, Jeff's mother gasped and Anya smiled. She still loved him even though his face was somewhat disfigured, to her that's not what made a person who they were. She ran over and hugged him.

"I'm sorry." She said pulling back a bit. "I'm just really glad you're okay." He smiled at her happiness and satisfaction, he always loved seeing the sweet smile on her face. The doctor then handed Jeff a mirror and he gasped feeling his face.

"Honey I'm so sorr--"

"I... love it! I look so beautiful." Later, Mrs. Woods had invited Anya's family and Jane's family to his home for dinner the next night. Anya got ready that night and her dad said,

"Anya, I wanna leave!"

"Dad, go, I'll catch up." Anya continued to get ready, she walked over to his house and peered in the door noticing Jane tied up and being burned by Jeff, she didn't care because she absolutely hated Jane Arkensaw, so she walked in. Seeing Jane attempting to scream, Jane's and Jeff's parents dead and cut open and her dad left alone unconscious.

"Jeff...?" He turned around to see her standing in the doorway. She never had a light stomach even though she smelt the rotting carcasses.

"Oh, Anya..." He seemed surprised to see me. "How do you like my artwork?" She tried not to look afraid of dying on the spot, and it seemed to work too.

"It's beautiful, Jeff." Anya smiled. He came up to her pressing the face of the chef's knife to her cheek.

"Now, Anya, you aren't lying are you?"

"No, why would I lie to you Jeff?"

"You're... human?" Jeff said questioning his response.

"I... probably shouldn't say this Jeff, but..." She blushed, "I'm... I've... been crushing on you since as long as I can remember." She saw a smile grow across his face as he removed the knife from her face.

"I... love... you too, Anya..." She smiled and her face got hotter. "As... a matter of fact..." He pulled out a bouquet of flowers she recognized as Nightshade. Her favorite flower, all though they normally gave you a rash when you touched them and if you ate them you could die, they never seemed to have an affect on her.

"Aww, thank you."

"Will you travel with me anywhere I go? I can't stay here..." She gladly nodded taking the Nightshade flowers. "You will call me by the name, 'Jeff The Killer', and you shall be called 'Nightshade'." He said smiling. She nodded accepting of what had just happened. "As far as this one goes," He struck a match and threw it on the table. "We'd better get going, law enforcement and the fire fighters are already on their way." And with that we fled to another town where we began leading somewhat normal lives. Going to school, killing a few people, moving, and the cycle would repeat. Later in her life, she was 18, when she was lured into the woods by some strange feeling. Her ears began to ring, her vision blurred, she was dizzy, and felt like she was going to throw up. There, behind a tree she saw a faceless man in a black suit.

"Come, dearest child." She obeyed. "My name is Slenderman, how about you tell me your name?"


"Do not be afraid, I mean you no harm child..." He patted her head. "I only wish you to be my proxy... With this responsibility you will lead a normal life, however you will gain powers that you don't already possess." His tendril wrapped around her wrist and she felt a burning sensation before passing out. Week by week, Anya watched a mark appear and disappear on her wrist, discovering abilities like telepathy, charm speak, her ability to talk to Pokepastas, her ability to blend into shadows, flight, her ability to only predict good fortune, and aside from that the normal abilities of a proxy such as ability to teleport and glitch electronics and lights. Jeff wakes up the next morning and decides Anya needs to be mine forever... He goes out purchasing a ring for her and proposes.

"Oh my God Jeff... I had no idea, YES!" She cried with joy and hugged him. Only then did she really fully understand what it meant to be in love with a killer.

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