Nightshade Series: My BIG Smile (Book 1)

This story should be posted on the wiki however if it isn't, please do that for me, take all credit if you wish.

For those who are Jeff The Killer fangirls, this is the story for you!
As for you JaneXJeff shippers, Jane and Jeff are brother and sister, you are SHIPPING INCEST!



6. Basings of the story

So as the author, I had to have an inspiration from somewhere, right? EXACTLY. And you're probably sitting in your chair at home denying it because of the simple fact you would like to argue this. Well, for this chapter I'm going to tell you my inspiration. Nightshade's character herself is me, aside from a few things, let me just say, I'm pretty much obsessed with spying on people, the Russian government, and hacking (even though I have no background in hacking or spying, though I should have a background in spying because I am pretty good at it). But all that aside, and her persona is me. The story as a whole is the evolution of me of how sometimes I'm naive and stupid about my relationships, trust people blindly, and sometimes I end up being hurt because of it. Then, of course the realization hits and I feel like I'm going crazy with all the doubts and questions I have in my head about the relationship when I do figure out I am being stupid. Then, there's the feeling of wanting to belong. I personally have lost a lot of family and this seemed like the perfect way to let my feelings out of depression, anxiety, feeling confused, or feeling lost, not knowing where to turn. Jeff's character was of course based off Jeff the Killer, but he's also based on a lot of my exes, very badass kid with an ego as big as his head, and it was the temporary sense of relief and belonging I felt while I was with each of them. Jane, is that girl that I just hate, as well as based off Jane The Killer's story. And the first few chapters are also based off of a YouTube Series by Mr. Betty Krueger called "Needles and Smiles", it's a pretty good series, I just didn't like how it ended so I modified it, so sue me, no, actually, don't, I don't have the money for that. But anyway, then there's the characters from the Needles and Smiles series that play no particular role. Then, you have the final character introduced, Seth. Seth is based off one of my life-long friends and my current lover, so to speak, how do I know this one is true love and what not? Good question, I don't, however I'm putting my faith in it because I actually know this one better than the rest of my love interests and understand him so I don't feel naive about this. There's also in the story a reference to Reactive Attachment Disorder, which I struggle with day to day not being able to trust anyone or if I do it's minimal people and minimal trust. 

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