Nightshade Series: My BIG Smile (Book 1)

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5. Afterwards

This chapter is going to be in Nightshade's PoV, btw: I would recommend to those who skipped last chapter to go back, read maybe the last few sentences otherwise you may be very VERY confused on how this chapter starts out. Also, after this chapter I need advice on whether or not you think I should keep going because I've been debating it but I've also debated making this into a series of books and/or just stopping it all together. Please feel free to comment your hate or your love for this book and just remember, I've probably heard worse because guess what? I'm a smartass *cue the tooth sparkle camera effect* Enjoy the chapter! Oh and, keep in mind this is approximately week after the last chapter, just to give you a sense of time! Again, enjoy.


I walked down a dirt road, feeling completely lost still sobbing at what I just did. I collapsed onto my knees, waiting. Waiting for some sort of miracle to make me feel whole and complete again. I felt just the same as I did when I first lost my father after he was spliced open by Jeff, but it also felt good, getting revenge. I stood up, my tears immediately freezing in my eyes. My frown and shock turned to a smile and a feeling of satisfaction (or Stratusfaction. Only WWE fans will understand). I meandered until I reached an old, run-down, gas station. I knew the old payphone still worked and I knew how to hack into the machine so I didn't have to pay for any phone calls. After all, I, at one point, was in Russia for spy and hacker training, I excelled at it, top of the ranks, that was, before I went to Harvard, before I met Jeff. I called my mother, no answer. I called my grandmother, no answer. No one was there to help me this time and chances are, they'd known what I had been up to. Then, I ran into him. My childhood friend with a mysterious twist of his own, he had been born 10 days before I was but they were always really good friends. His name was Seth Zamora. He had dark brown hair and really nice looking eyes. He was pretty much the same height as me and same build. I felt my heart jump. 

"An?" Seth questioned.

"That's my name don't wear it out." I laughed and immediately felt tears swell my eyes as I ran over and hugged him. He rubbed my head. 

"I'm glad I found you..." I said with my tears beginning to dry. He pressed his face into my head, gently kissing me. 

"I love you..." he uttered, thinking I couldn't hear him.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing, nothing." He said. "Hey, I know this might be a little soon since I heard Jeff was found dead, and I'm so sorry, but would you care to maybe, uh, go out?" 

"I would like that..." He put his arm around me and we disappeared into the night.

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