1. classified
(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible
only to authorized people.

2. diary
a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.


3. Starring



Me as | Miss Deer~Miss just so you can differentiate me from the others.

One of my close friends (Though not 'best friend' since she doesn't like that label. She finds that it, I quote, "f***s everything up") as | T-Rex~because she has a big mouth but tiny little hands to follow through with her big words.

One of my best friends? I don't know, but whatever, as | Rabbit~because it's actually a synonym to her nickname.

Another one of my best friends? She was previously, but now I'm just confused, as | Kitty~just because she loves cats.

A person I have history with as | Fox~just because it reminds me of her, okay.

The quiet, gentle person that nobody has anything against as | Giraffe~because the stereotype of a giraffe is the "gentle giraffe".

A girl I know as | Hyena~I'm running out of reasons as to why I'm calling them this.

This one person in my class as | Duck~don't know why, just because.

And another one of my close friends as | Moose~I give up as to explaining why.


Other characters may be added to this chapter or found guest-starring in my chapters in which case I will inform you in the beginning of the chapter.




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