1. classified
(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible
only to authorized people.

2. diary
a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.


13. 22-03-16 (Tuesday)



Ahh, I know. It's been WAY too long, like fourteen days right? I've been so caught up in school that I haven't had time to update. BUT NOW I DO, so let's start with the galla/prom-ish party at school I told you about in last update.

So, it's the day before the party (Wednesday) and neither I nor T-Rex have been invited by a guy, so we figured we won't going to be invited and just planned to go together UNTIL... The very last guy without a partner in my class walks up to me and says this, "So... you've already got a partner right?" and I'm like, "Yeah I've got T-Rex." and he's like, "Oh... Well do you want to go with me?" And at this point I'm like, "Is this a joke? If not then sure, yes of course, I mean I wouldn't say no." At which point this other guy in my class comes up and is like, "Dude you gotta say it like you mean it, she doesn't even know if you are joking or not." So then the guy inviting me is like, "Right sorry, so Silvia... Would you like to go with me to the galla party?" And he is standing with his hands folded waiting adn I'm like, I already said yes didn't I? At which point he replies 'Great!' and walks away. Leaving me in an awkward position. Why? Well I'll tell you.

I HAD PLANNED TO GO WITH T-REX! Nobody should be inviting the day before the party! And T-Rex has excitedly been telling me about her outfit all morning, and now I have to tell her that I'm not going with her. *Sighs* I'm not going to go into details, but lets just say that she wasn't thrilled and I felt like the worst damn friend in the whole world. You don't need to tell me, I know I am. Anyway, the day of the party came, and it was great. My 'date' or whatever was funny, I danced flawlessly through the lec lanciers (Which was lucky considering that I was wearing super high heels!). The food was good, and during the 2nd round of dancing when partners are lucky drawn, I was with this giant group of girls without partner (Because of the small number of guys in my class) and there is one guy left, and he ends up not having his partner drawn but he just gets to pick, and he picked me! I felt kind of bad when I was walking away from the remaining girls, but I'm not going to lie, I felt kind of great as well. Ahh I'm too selfish, I know. 

I ACED THE TRIAL VERSIONS OF THE DANISH EXAMS I WILL BE TAKING NEXT YEAR! YAY, nothing beats the feeling of acing a test. I'm not the only one who feels that way right? Nah, I'm not the only one.

Oh, and I was playing this game (Transformice) and chatting with one of my online friends, when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Wauw right? How does one politely decline something like that, without making it awkward? You can't, it's just not possible. At least he's the same age as me. I can't tell you how many delusional 8-13 year olds are playing this game. 

That's it I think. I'm having easter holiday now, so lot's of cleaning to do. I just finsihed tidying my closet today. I have to many clothes for my own good. I will never say that out loud though, especially not in front of my parents. 

So good night now guys, I'm going to watch my newest episode of Grey's Anatomy and then head to bed. I hope it won't be another fourteen days till the next update, though I probably just have to kick my self in the butt to ensure that won't happen again. Sorry for my laziness guys. <3

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