1. classified
(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible
only to authorized people.

2. diary
a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.


4. 11-02-16 (Thursday)

In this chapter I will be writing about two guys who I will just call Horse and Crocodile.



Great, so today's story starts in my first class of the day, Math. It's just two days away from our winter holiday so a lot of my classmates weren't in school today, since they already took off to go skiing in Italy, lying on a beach in Thailand, and such. Yeah, I'm pretty depressed to still be in cold, wet Denmark. I'm staying home the whole winter holiday, though I'm not complaining since lying in my bed all day while watching Grey's Anatomy is better than going to school. (BTW Grey's Anatomy is THE BEST show ever!!!)

Anyway, back to the story of today. The few of us students who were in class today were doing math quietly like the faithful students we are, until DA DA DAM! We heard a loud smack that silenced the entire room. After looking around for a few seconds, we could all quickly conclude that the smack was from the corner of the room where the two boys Horse and Crocodile were. Crocodile was already walking away, while Horse was holding his palm to the side of his forehead. 

My teacher was like, "What the hell Crocodile?!" And Crocodile just answered, "Horse is just freaking annoying." And then my teacher was like, "So does that mean that if someone thinks you're annoying then they can just beat you down?" And Crocodile was like, "Well I guess they will do it anyway right?" And then my teacher was like, "Well that doesn't make it right, does it? Go apologize to Horse." And so he did, but he left school shortly afterwards. Horse was just sitting quietly, trying really hard not to cry, though it was obvious that the hit had hurt.

So yeah, I just find it so horrible how easy it is to just hit someone to the point of tears and then feel no remorse and then just leave school. I'm not saying that Crocodile didn't feel bad about what he did, I don't know how he felt, but the fact that he was so quick to use violence on his classmate, and actually one of his good friends, just scares me. It was just last week that two other guys in my class were fighting for several minutes before my teacher broke them apart. (This happened in English class.) My class teacher later told us that our English teacher had actually been afraid to be hit herself, during the fight. But frankly the guys in my class should really pull themselves together a bit. Don't even get me started on the stuff that they drink and smoke. I'm in my ninth year of school (In Danish it's called 8.klasse) which means that the guys in my class are currently fourteen years old. A few of them have turned fifteen already (Like meeeeee, my birthday is 31 of January XD) but I mean, come on right?


Later on today, I had just finished up my work at my schools library, and T-Rex (Who always accompanies me) and I were talking on the way out of the school. So T-Rex was feeling annoyed and stressed so she said, "Miss Deer, I seriously wan't to punch someone right now. I think I need to go boxing or something, to get it out of my system." And I was like laughing at her a little, thinking she was being overly dramatic, so she continued, "I'm serious. I'm scared of being close to someone right now. I think I might punch them if they annoy me. Oh my god, what if I accidently punch my mom?!" At this point I jokingly step a bit away from her asking, "Should I be afraid?" She then shouts that she obviously would never hit me, at which point I reassure her that I was only joking. (You see what I meant earlier with the "Big mouth, but tiny hands..." part? No? Well I'm sure you will agree with me as you get to know good old T-Rex better.) After that we parted our ways for the day to go home.


So yeah, those were pretty much the highlights of my day. Don't expect way to much deep stuff here, I'm not all too philosophical nor am I poetic, this is probably just going to be a diary in which I'll write about my day every once in while. I guess I haven't really figured it out yet. Well then, now that you've read this far, first of all THANK YOU, secondly go read something awesomee around here on Movellas or something. Once you've done that, THEN GO WATCH GREY'S ANATOMY, I SWEAR IT IS MY LIFE!!! oh, and sorry for the shouty capitalization.




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