Nalu: A Start

Mira says that Natsu likes lucy and lucy gets the wrong idea


1. Nalu: A misunderstanding

It was a normal day at the guild Natsu fighting Gray while he was stripping, Erza eating cake, Cana drinking and Elfman going on about how Lissanne was a real man coming back from the dead. Then a crashing sound was heard i saw Erza she was about to burst then i saw her cake i backed away. She grapped Natsu and Gray and banged their heads together and they went flying across either end of the room.

'' Hey Lucy do you know who would be a great couple?'' Mira said eagerly.

'' And who would that be Mira?'' I said not really caring.

'' You and Natsu'' Mira said giggling. What did she just say I froze I didn't know what to say Why would she say that me and Natsu aren't in item...............are we nooooo no why am i think of things like this? What should I do now?

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