Coffee and Confessions

Charlie has been keeping his feelings for Marv hidden for years, and he's finally going to tell him... but will how will Marv take it? A CharliexMarv one shot. Don't like, read it anyway.


1. Coffee and Confessions

Hey, Charlie!"

Charlie flinched at the sound of Marv's voice blaring into his ear from the phone speaker. "Hi Marv... Umm... Do you want to meet up for coffee?"

"Ok... Why?"

"Umm... I... I want to talk."

"...can't you talk about it on the phone?"

"...umm... Not really."

"Oh... Okay.... See you at, say, two?"


"...see ya."


Charlie sat there, the phone still absentmindedly pressed against his ear. How was he going to say it? Maybe he shouldn't have planned a time for it... Made it more spontaneous and... Romantic. Though on the other hand he didn't want to shock Marv...


Charlie felt his heart jolt. "W-what?"

"Neither of us have hung up." Marv's iconic laughter rang into Charlie's ear and sent shivers down his spine.

Charlie forced a laugh, his cheeks burning.

"See ya, Charlie."

Then, the hang-up beep droning.

Charlie checked the time. Half past eleven.

Just a few more hours...

He didn't know whether the thought filled him with excitement or dread.


Charlie sat in the cafe, his hands clasped around a warm mug of coffee. Marv was running ten minutes late. In any other situation, this wouldn't have bothered Charlie much, but he just wanted it over and done with as quickly as possible.

Just then, a voice piped up from behind him, "Hello, Charlie!"

"M-marv!" Charlie squeaked.

Marv slumped down into the chair opposite him. "Oh... You already got a coffee."

"Oh, sorry, I... We can share..."

Marv shrugged. "It's fine.... But can I have the biscuit?"


Marv took the biscuit and started to open it from the plastic packaging. "Ugh... The packaging is always so hard to open... How you doing, anyway?"


"How's Lola?"

"Good. She's worried about her GCSEs, but... Apart from that."

Marv chuckled, spitting biscuit crumbs. "Yeah... Morten's the same..."

"...I know it's generic to say, but... It feels like only yesterday that they were just kids..."

"When we were just kids."


"...So, Charlie, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Charlie felt his grip tighten around the mug, watching the froth swirl like stars. He felt his heart thumping hard against his chest, pounding in his ears, drowning out any other sound, any thought...


"Marv... Marv... I... I..."

"Charlie... I have been your best friend since we were little kids... No matter what it is, I will support you... I promise."

"...Marv... I'm... Inlovewithyou."

Charlie took a long sip of coffee, not daring to look at Marv. He could hear the clutter and chatter, of the rest of the cafe... And Marv chewing slowly on his biscuit.

"Charlie," Marv said. Charlie had never heard him sound so serious. "I... I love you too."


Marv opened his mouth to respond, he suddenly seized up. Strangled gasps erupted from his throat. He was hacking, and spluttering, and coughing, biscuit debris flying.

"Marv!" Charlie yelled. "Are you okay?"

Marv was looking deathly pale now... He toppled to the ground...


Charlie could feel ever eye in the cafe carving into him, but he didn't care. He fell to the ground and checked for air... Marv wasn't breathing.

"Does anyone know first aid?" Charlie yelled.

No response. Charlie wrapped his arms around Marv's limp body and sobbed into his chest. He could hear ambulance sirens wail in the distance, but he knew that it was already too late...

And the moral is, learn your first aid! :)

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