The world won't accept. Maybe it just can't. Acceptance. Why is everyone always against me, and why do I always feel so alone. So ostracized.


1. The Nightmare of Society



Sweat trickling down me

The outside a battle ground

Why am I so different?

My true self yet to be found

I have nothing


I've been thrown into a sea of fear

Struggling to stay afloat

Stared at by so many nameless

A lump now in my throat


Exposed by Night's enemy

I have nowhere to hide

Mocking me in all her beauty

I feel eaten up inside


I tried to fit in once

I tried to make some friends

But Summer showed a monster

The Nightmare never ends


Summer brings so many joy

But for me, I'm filled with dread

For I have never experienced delight

Only rejection instead


I know now what the world is

A cruel, dark, nasty place

Influencing every person

To call those different a disgrace

I have nothing, left to lose.



By Magnet0.

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