To My Long Distance Lover

I've been dating someone for a year and half, we've separated a couple times during this period. I still have not been able to meet him, he lives 100 miles away and I live here, which I don't much care for.


1. To My Long Distance Lover

To my Long Distance Lover,
How long has it been?
I can hardly remember,
Though I know it was the beginning of Summer.


A year and a half,
And still here we are,
Through all of my tears,
It seems a little bizarre.


I know you so well,
Yet I've never seen your face,
We've taken each other to Hell,
Then bring each other back to place.


I really do hate you some days,
When you talk about how you almost died,
You use it like a bloody phrase,
But I try to take it in my stride.


You and your bike, I swear,
Even as I'm writing this,
You told me it's in for repair.


But that's just you,
Your handsome self,
And I love what you do.


When I first saw you,
I was very confused,
That you gave my profile a view,
Which did leave me amused.


That first time on Skype,
When I saw your hair,
It was like one long stripe,
Which you sat when on your chair.


But now things have changed,
Like your hair and your mind,
I wait until its finally arranged,
So we can leave it all behind.


You might just be the guy,
The one that messaged me,
But I will never say goodbye,
For I love you indefinitely.


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