You are my lifeline

This is a werewolf book about a guy named Ky and human girl named Kylie.


2. The Beginning

Picture of what Kylie looks like....


Kylie's P.O.V.

My name is Kylie Parker and I am in 11th grade at Maple High School,California. I absolutely love reading books. I am reading a Romantic Werewolf Story when I hear a noise. I quickly put the book under my pillow and close my eyes in pretend sleep. My mom comes in and wakes me up, I fake a yawn and "wake up." My mom isn't picky about the clothes I wear or anything else I do. As long as I don't get pregnant at my age I will be okay. I chose to wear my favorite tank top with shorts. I put my makeup on and get breakfast. Afterwards I brush my teeth and put lipgloss on my lips. I am pretty tan....I don't burn easily which is great. I then get in my mom's car and she drives me there. It is only a three minute drive from our a few minutes later I get out the car and say bye to my mom. I am not a popular person which is fine I would rather stick to the books. I wait for class to start,soon kids start filing in the classroom.

Her Outfit...


Ky's P.O.V.

I just moved here to California from England. Actually all of us in the Blue Moon pack did.  My mum says it's because we were more likely to blend in here. I am the voice and leader of this pack, you could say I am the Alpha. Other packs are here also....we want to make a treaty with at least one of them. I am in 11th grade,so therefore I will be at Maple High. My Mum drives me to school it's three minutes away from where I live. I have to go to the office to get my schedule. I start heading to my first class.....







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