Unwritten Destiny (SOA) (S1)

Kaleena left home to help her friend in a completely different town. She has no idea what she's getting into, but she does know that she's falling for one of the Sons. What will she do? Will she run? Or will she stay and fight? I own nothing but my OCs. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.


13. The Sleep of Babies

I woke up the next morning and felt like someone was watching me. I turned my head ever so slightly and saw Jax looking at me. I gave him a smile, which he returned, and cuddled into him, and that made him chuckle but pull me as close to him as he could. I'm still debating on whether or not I should ask Jax about him and Tara because I've started noticing that Tara is trying her hardest to get Jax back and he's slowly giving in. He doesn't think that I've noticed but I have and so has Layla.

"I hate to ruin this gorgeous moment, but I need to ask you something." I said.

"Sure darlin, what is it?" Jax asked.

"What's going on with you and Tara? I can tell that she's trying to win you over and I know you haven't noticed but you're slowly starting to fall into it." I told him.

Jax sighed and I knew right then that maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

"Everything that happened with me and Tara is over with. I'm sorry if I've been falling back into old habits, but we were high school sweethearts. I can honestly tell you darlin; I want to work things out with you." Jax said as he turned us so we were face to face.

I gave Jax a smile and kissed him. Jax chuckled into the kiss and just pulled me closer. We stayed like that for a little while longer before we decided to get up. I took a shower and met Gemma in the club. Gemma just shook her head and asked me if I wanted to help her decorate Jax's house for Abel's homecoming. I agreed, gave Jax a quick kiss, and followed after Gemma. While we were setting things up, Wendy came in to help as well, and I was happy to see her.

Wendy, Gemma, and I got Jax's place ready for Abel. Gemma and I then went to pick up Abel and I was confused on why Wendy didn't come with us, but I think Gemma is trying to make sure that Tara didn't try to get to Jax. I might not like what Gemma is doing, but if Wendy is willing to help out then who am I to stop her.

Tara was shocked once Gemma and I showed up to get Abel, and I knew why; she was thinking that Jax would come alone so she could get to him. I almost laughed in her face, but I thought that I would be nice. Gemma and I were talking to Abel when Jax walked in with Wendy. Tara was in udder shock when they walked in together, but I wasn't too shocked when Wendy pulled me closer to her and Jax.

"Can we go home now?" I basically whined.

Everyone just laughed but Gemma ushered us out of the hospital. All of us headed back to Jax's for the party, and it was in full swing when we arrived. Wendy and I decided to go get us something to drink, and that's when we decided to finally talk.

"I'm glad that you're here Kaleena." Wendy told me.

"I am too Wendy and I want you to know that you are welcomed to see Abel as long as you call us to make sure we're here." I said back with a smile.

"I really appreciate that Kaleena, and I want you to know that if you ever need anything, and I mean anything at all, you can come to me." Wendy said.

I gave her a smile, which she returned, and we headed back into the living room. I saw Jax sitting in a chair, so I joined him. Jax patted my leg and I just laid my hand on his shoulder. I just happened to look at the door and noticed that Tara was leaving. I'm not surprised that she's leaving, but the least she could've done was see Abel.

"Hey baby, would you see if Donna will give you ride to get me some cleaning powder?" Gemma asked as she walked up to me.

"Sure Gem." I replied with a smile.

Gemma gave me a smile back. I lightly kissed Jax and headed out to catch Donna.

"Hey, girl. Can you give me a ride? Gemma needs cleaning powder." I said as I reached Donna.

"Sure girl." Donna replied before we got into Opie's truck.

Donna and I talked about everything and even jammed out to some music. As Donna and I were sitting at a red light, shots started to ring out. I ducked my head until everything went quiet, but I didn't raise my head.

"Shit. Shit!" I heard someone growl before speeding off.

"Donna." I said as I slowly raised my head.

A scream left my lips as soon as I looked over at Donna. She had been shot multiple times in the head. Lucky for us that a civilian was out walking and called 911. The medics came and I was sitting on the sidewalk when I heard engines coming my way.

"Kaleena." Jax said as he slowly neared me.

I didn't say anything but just ran to him and cried into his chest. Jax pulled me closer to him and I cried harder when I heard Opie calling for Donna. Before long, Jax, Chibs, and I slowly but surely get Opie off the ground, and that's when Opie pulled me to him.

"I'm so sorry Opie." I whispered to him.

"It's not your fault Kaleena." Opie whispered back.

All of us finally left the scene and I couldn't stop shaking. I knew it was because of my nerves, but mainly it was because I couldn't figure out why someone would just shoot the driver's side and not the whole truck. Jax and I walked back into his house and was met with both Wendy and Gemma. Both of them came over to us. Gemma hugged Jax and Wendy hugged me.

"I'm so sorry, baby." Gemma told Jax.

I'm glad Wendy was there because I was trying to cry again.

"I'm sorry Kaleena." Wendy whispered to me.

"Thanks, Wendy." I whispered back to her.

"How's Opie doing?" Gemma asked as all of us pulled apart.

"You should go home mom." Jax replied.

"What about the baby?" Gemma asked confused.

"I can take care of my son." Jax replied.

"You sure?" Gemma asked again.

"It's time for me to do this mom." Jax replied.

"Okay, baby. Okay." Gemma said.

Gemma, Wendy, and I watched as Jax headed for Abel's room.

"I'll look after him, Gemma." I told Gemma.

"I know you will baby. I love you." Gemma said back.

"I love you too." I said.

Gemma kissed my cheek before leaving. I gave Wendy a sad smile, which she returned, and headed to Abel's room. I saw that Jax was sitting in a chair, so I walked over to him. Jax pulled me into his lap and I just hugged him as we watched over Abel. I could feel him shaking, so I told him that he could finally break down, and that's all it took for Jax to cry.

"Let's get you to bed." I told Jax after we sat in that chair for I don't know how long.

Jax followed me into his room and after both of us were comfortable, we curled up in his bed. I just held Jax and he had a tight grip on me. I knew that I would have to call my brothers, but for right now, I'm just going to lay here and hold Jax.


Kaleena's outfit for Abel's homecoming: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e12/set?id=208843199

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